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A Message from Pastor DeArmond

One of the best known and beloved psalms is Psalm 23, the Shepherd Psalm. There we learn that the Lord is our shepherd. And since He is our shepherd, we will not want. We will not suffer want because the Lord, our shepherd, will lead us to green pastures and beside still waters. In other words, the Lord, our shepherd, will provide for all that we need in both body and soul.

Yet, we live as though this is not the case. We live as though we actually suffer from want, that the Lord, our shepherd, will not provide for all that we need. And thus, we live as though the Lord is not our shepherd. And that means that we live as though we are not the Lord's sheep.

We do it when we think that the Lord is only in the business of helping those who will help themselves, we do this because we have a mind set on earthly, temporal things and not on heavenly, eternal things. We do this because we have stopped hearing the call of our shepherd, which comes through His Word.

The Word of God is how our shepherd calls us to himself. Through that Word, the Holy Spirit gathers and enlightens us with His gifts. Through that Word, we are kept holy and nourished in the one true faith, the faith that follows our Shepherd wherever He leads us. He promises to lead you to your true home, to the land flowing with milk and honey, to a better country, not of this world, but a heavenly one.

And so, here's the good news: The Lord is your shepherd still, even, and especially, for wayward sheep. Jesus seeks and saves those who are lost. He finds the lost sheep and carries them back to the fold. He is the shepherd that lays down his life for His sheep. The Lord is your shepherd. Let us live then as His sheep.

Your Under Shepherd,

Pastor DeArmond

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Preschool News

Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth. Colossians 3:2

The Christian life is a cause for celebration, but sometimes we don't feel much like celebrating. In fact, when the weight of the world seems to bear down upon our shoulders, celebration may be the last thing on our minds...but it shouldn't be. As God's children, we are all blessed beyond measure on good days and bad. This day is a non-renewable resource - once it's gone, it's gone forever. We should give thanks for this day while using it for the glory of God.

What will your attitude be today? Will you be fearful, angry, bored, worried? Will you be cynical, bitter, or pessimistic? If so, God wants to have a little talk with you! God created you in His own image, and He wants you to experience joy and abundance. But, God will not force His joy upon you. So today, and every day hereafter, celebrate the life that God has given you. Think optimistically about yourself and your future. Give thanks to the One who has given you everything, and trust and follow Him - YOU are His own dear child!

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

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Join Our Team:

PRESCHOOL TEACHER - Blessed Savior Lutheran Preschool is looking for a 3K teacher for the 2023-2024 school year!! We are looking for individuals that are caring, outgoing, energetic, passionate, have a love for learning, and having fun with children. A valid teaching license/certificate and current first aid and CPR training is preferred. Experience is not necessary, but preferred. Contact Jennifer Leinss at

CHILDCARE TEAM - Blessed Savior Lutheran Preschool is looking to add to our childcare team for the 2023-2024 school year. We are looking for individuals that are caring, outgoing, passionate, energetic, and love working with children. Coursework and/or experience in this field is preferred, CPR and first aid are a must. Teachers are responsible for ages 2-5 in our multi-age classroom. Contact Jennifer Leinss at

Children's Ministry

Quarterly Missions

For our third quarter special missions we will be supporting the Wildauer family. Rev. Micah and Robin Wildauer serve the Lord as a missionary family through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Belize, based in the capital city of Belmopan. Micah serves as a church planter throughout the country, working alongside a team of fellow missionaries and Belizean church leaders. He travels to preaching stations, catechizes those who faithfully gather for the Divine Service and Bible study, and reaches out to the lost through home visits. The goal of these efforts is to form self-sustaining congregations and a future church body. Micah also serves as an adjunct professor for Concordia the Reformer Seminary, the regional seminary located in the Dominican Republic, where he assists in the pastoral formation of men throughout Latin America.

Church Improvements

Dear Friends in Christ:

Last month, Blessed Savior had it's three roof top units (RTU's) serviced by Premistar HVAC technicians to ensure that everything is in working order. These units provide conditioned air in the summer, and supply heated air in the winter for different areas of the facility, including the office, fellowship hall, and classrooms downstairs. According to Premistar, these units are near the end of their life after 28 years of year-round use. It was found that all three units have multiple parts in need of repair or replacement. With no guarantee of prolonging the units' life by repairing them, it was advised to replace the entire units instead. After obtaining three quotes from three different vendors, it was decided by the church council to go with Seider, since they provided the cheapest quote without sacrificing the value of the work and new RTU's. The work was quoted at $56,500.

In addition to our RTU's, there are other areas of our facility in need of attention. Last September, Blessed Savior experienced severe flooding that forced the preschool to close for one day. Searching for solutions to this problem that has plagued us for many years, plumbers from Premistar discovered construction material trapped in our drain tile, prohibiting water from properly draining away from underneath the basement floor. They had also discovered that the sump pump was neither working, nor would be powerful enough to handle massive water displacements. Of the three quotes we obtained for resolving the flooding problem, only Premistar found problems with our system, provided us with an option for commercial grade sump pump packages, and the ability to remove the clog. The council approved to move forward with Premistar performing the work for $9,000. Unfortunately, the rain storm also exposed severe leaks in our roof above the boiler room and nursery in addition to the basement. As of now, the cost to repair the roof is estimated to be around $2,500.

Due to these large costs that were not originally planned for in our budget last November, along with a sense of urgency to keep our church and preschool properly upkept, the church council felt it necessary to inform the congregation of the condition our facility and the need of future planning to provide necessary repairs and replacements.

Matt Birr


Blessed Savior Extended Ministry Endowment Fund Grant Update

The mission of the Endowment Fund is to support ministries outside the walls of Blessed Savior. Including the 2023 grants listed below the fund has given $233,000 to over 80 different ministries in the U.S. and abroad. Our 2023 grant budget is $30,000. At the June 19, 2023 meeting the Board approved the following grants leaving $3,000 left in our grant budget for the year.

General Fund

· $4,000 Acts 1:8 Ministries split between their Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (PACKs) ministry and their well drilling/building ministry in Africa.

· $5,000 Bethany Lutheran Church to fund building repairs and improve security.

· $2,000 A Place of Refuge in support of their ministries caring for women with a crisis pregnancy, housing them as needed and providing baby care essentials.

· $5,000 Lutheran Church Charities Ukraine Fund supporting the Pastors of our sister Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (SELCU) in Ukraine in distributing medical supplies and food.

· $2,000 LUMIN Schools and the mission to provide safe Lutheran schools. LUMIN operates 7 schools.

Homeless Fund

· $1,000 to HOPE Center Wisconsin serving the basic needs (food, clothing, financial assistance, etc) of homeless population in Waukesha County for over 30 years

· $1,500 to Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative serving the basic needs of the homeless veterans in the Milwaukee area.

· $1,500 to Ebenezer Stone Ministries and their food pantry and hot meal program as well as other services such as job training and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

The directors and members of the General and Homeless Endowment Funds thank the Congregation for their continued support of these Church missions. God Bless.

Road trip to Lambeau Field

Men's Bible Study is considering a Road Trip and you're invited.

On Saturday July 29th we are considering going to Lambeau Field. The Itinerary is as follows:

Leave Blessed Savior parking lot at 7:30 AM via motorcoach. Arrive at Lambeau Field approximately 9:30. Take the "Legends Tour" of Lambeau which takes you from inside the Locker Room to the Press Box and everything in between. The tour begins at 10 and ends at Noon.

Enjoy lunch at the 1919 Restaurant

Take a self guided tour of the Packer Hall of Fame. Learn as much or as little of the Packers as you choose. If you choose to do so there will be time to shop the pro shop.

4:00 PM board the bus and return to Blessed Savior. Arriving approximately 6:00 PM

The cost of the trip is $95.00 and includes Transportation, Lambeau Tour, and Hall of Fame Tour. The motorcoach company needs a minimum of 26 people to make this happen. Registration & payment are due by July 14th. Please make checks payable to: Blessed Savior Lutheran Church.

What is Stewardship?

There are three important parts of Stewardship:

TIME- Stewardship begins with sharing the Gift of Time. It is vital to include time for prayer.

TALENT- Our talents are special blessings from God. When we volunteer to help others by sharing our talents, we give something more precious than our time or money.

TREASURE- our treasures are gifts from God that we should generously share.

Stewardship- reminds us to invest our time, talents and treasures in the mission and ministry of the Church.

Are you ready for the challenge to invest yourself to give time, talent and treasure to the Mission and Ministry of Blessed Savior?

In the Community

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