Ms. M's Kinder GATE

Our Classroom News - December

A Note From Ms. M

We are almost done with our 2nd quarter of Kinder! We enjoyed learning about pumpkins and tasting lots of fun pumpkin treats during our pumpkin unit. We have a busy month coming up with lots of fun Holiday projects.

Good to Know

Congratulations to Lily for receiving our Student of the Month award for October!

We will be performing 2 songs during our school’s Winter Program on Tuesday, December 20th at 5:00pm.

Students will need to wear a red or green shirt with jeans.

More info on the program will be coming soon.

ELA (English Language Arts)

By the end of this quarter, students should be confident in their letter names and sounds. Students are working on blending sounds to read cvc words. We are learning more sight words and putting these together to read sentences.

Curriculum: Benchmark Advance

Additional Phonics Curriculum: ECRI

Computer App: Imagine Learning

Sight Words: I, see, a, like, the, go, we, can, she, is, he, has, my, to, play, little, you

Upcoming Sight Words: and, on, with


We are working on comparing numbers, more/less, greater than/less than. We are continuing to review 2-D and 3-D shapes, measurement and weight and numbers from 1-20.

Students are enjoying work on ST Math during computer time in math.


We are working on our sentence writing and being more confident writers. When we come to a word we don’t know how to spell we start with the beginning sound and then stretch the word and write any other sounds that we hear. Sentences need to have a capital, finger spaces between words and punctuation at the end.

Science and Social Studies

We are excited to be incorporating lots of Holiday projects into our reading, writing and math!