Arctic Fox

Endangered Animals

(vulpes lagopus)

food chain

food sources

small mammals and plants

finds food

the arctic fox finds food near rocky cliffs

the arctic fox is a omnivore and a predator

the arctic fox hunts small mammals



it lives in northern Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, Iceland


The arctic fox lives in a polar terrain


it lives in a den



the arctic fox is a mammal

special body covering

the arctic fox has thick warm fur to keep in it's body heat


10-12in. height, 25-30in. length, and is 6-10 pounds



in the winter it has white fur to camouflage in the snow and in summer brown and grayish fur

getting and eating food

the arctic fox when it hears it's prey jumps up in the air and pounces to break the layer of snow and goes straight to it's prey


super hearing, short legs, compact bodies, short ears, dense fur, and thickly haired foot pads


the arctic fox is nomadic which means it travels alone and never stays in one place except for mating season

reasons for endangermant

the arctic fox is losing ground to the red fox due to global warming of which is loss of habitat and it's white coat of fur loses it's value in camouflage

critical information

you can adopt an arctic fox at

or send a message to your u.s.s. representative and u.s senator or donate to NWRA to protect the arctic wilderness forever at