By: Gloria kongo

what are lipids?

Lipids are organic compound that are composed of hydrogen, carbon, and a little bit of oxygen. Not soluble in polar, they are soluble in organic solvents. They are either solid or liquid at normal temperature and are known as fats, oils, and waxes.

Where are they found?

Unsaturated in plants and saturated in animals.

are they good for you?

Fats are actually good for people to eat but many people eat too many bad fats instead of good fats. Many of good fats are found in fish, nuts and, vegetables.

What is the purpose of it in human?

It provide energy for muscles and body processes and are used to insulate and protect the body. They also form basic structure of cell membrane and are water proof covering.

wat happens if the're too high?

Eating a lot of saturated fat can put you at risk of many disease. It can cause heart diseases and cancer. You can avoid this diseases by eating more of unsaturated fat then saturated.
#2 Lipids & Their Functions | The BioChemistry Guide | 2014