The 5 Main Religions

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Christianity is the belief of Jesus Christ and God. It is monotheistic, and the religion has a holy bible. Even though the United States is a secular country when it comes to religion, most citizens in the US are Christians. The main holidays for this religion is Christmas in late December and Easter in March or April. Christianity has many other religions apart of it like; Catholics, Baptist, Methodists and more. One of the things they do in the Church is get baptized usually at a young age.


Judaism is the oldest religion, and it's common in Israel. Judaism is monotheistic because they believe in one God. The Torah is the first five books in the Hebrew Bible. One of the holidays for Judaism is Hanukkah which last 8 days. It's around December, and Jews receive gifts each day. They also light the menorah. Another tradition that they have is the Sabbath and it's forbidden to work on that day. One of the rules that they practice following is the 613 commandments.