Keeping the Night Watch

Conflict and Crisis.

About, keeping the night watch.

How his dad left his own family,and his family changes with out him, but he came back. But his son C.J, is still mad at his dad because he left the family and he had to be man of his family,because there was no one other than himto be the man of the house.

The crisis

C.J was trying to forgive his dad, because his dad abandoned his family and now he came back and C.J was the man of the family when his dad was left for a few days.

Conflict to the story.

Was C.J and his dad not getting together when he came back. But C.J doesnt forgive him.


C.J was the oldest kid there he was 13 in the second book.

He has a crush on Maya, and they would talk alot.

C.J was the man of the house when his father left.


Byron was C.J's little brother and he is a nice and forgiving boy.

He forgave his dad when he came back.


Preacher was C.J's best friend.

He gave advise to girls and boys including C.J.

he talked about ho whis dad believed in stuff.