The Coyote Howl

Campo Verde High School

August 20, 2021

Vision: Preparing every person for tomorrow through experiences founded on relationships, relevance, and rigor.

Mission: Every Person, Every Day

Core Values: Community, Values, Honor, Scholarship

Principal's Message

Welcome Back CV Family,

We are really finding our stride as a campus community! There is an excitement and buzz on campus as staff and students alike are pleased to be back together. We really appreciate the number of students and families that were able to attend our Open House/Curriculum Night. It was wonderful to meet many of you and welcome you back to campus. The next phase will see our clubs, athletic teams, performing arts programs, AFJROTC, and all of our student groups competing and performing this year, as the season is upon us!

Speaking of the next season, it is time to form our site council. If you are interested in serving on the site council please use the following link to nominate yourself as a potential committee member.

The site council is comprised of representatives from the Campo Verde community. The council meets with the Principal and other school staff on a monthly basis during the school year to discuss a variety of topics, share information and broaden understanding of school-related issues. Members work together to:

  • Advance the action steps of Campo Verde’s Continuous Improvement Plan.

  • Ensure effective involvement of parents and community to support the partnership between school and community stakeholders.

  • Involve parents and community in an organized and timely manner with the planning, review, and implementation of programs and policies of Campo Verde and Gilbert Public Schools.

The role of a Site Council member is to:

  • Attend the monthly Site Council meetings.

    • Meeting dates: 9/15, 10/27, 12/1, 1/26, 2/23, & 4/27

    • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    • Location: Room 113 Student Services (front office)

  • Provide information to parents and the community regarding school issues.

  • Bring questions, concerns, and ideas to the attention of school staff, administration, and other school community stakeholders.

  • Provide the Principal with feedback and insight from the parent’s perspective on school process, policies and initiatives to ensure that the needs of parents and their families are included as decisions are made in the school.

  • Recruit parents for involvement in professional development opportunities, meetings, conferences, and other related activities designed to enhance the role of parents in supporting the education of their children and advancing their own educational needs.

  • Review and recommend how the school’s budget can be best utilized to support the needs of all Campo Verde students.

We welcome any parent or community member to join our site council.

Mr. Tyler Dumas


Campo Verde High School

Every Person, Every Day!

Just a reminder to follow us on our CAMPO VERDE HIGH SCHOOL WEBSITE and on social media.

Instagram: @cvhsmrdumas

Twitter: @CVHSMrDumas

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important information from our health office


Just a few Friendly Health Office Reminders……..

*Please continue to complete the daily health assessment with your child EVERYDAY before

school. Please keep your child home if they are ill, have been around someone with COVID, or

if they have been tested for COVID until the results are returned.

*Visit for important COVID and general health information.

*If your child needs medication administered during the school day please contact the health

office. All medications must be checked into the Health Office. Students are not allowed to

carry medication with them at school unless the use of the following medication is required: epipens, inhalers, and diabetic emergency medications. However, these medications must be

checked in and accompanied by the appropriate forms to the Health Office prior to carrying

them at school. Forms can be found on the Gilbert Public Schools website under Health Services or in the Health Office.

*Medications may only be brought to school by a parent/guardian or another adult over the

age of 18. All medication will be in a properly labeled container from either the pharmacy for

prescription medication or in the original container for over the counter medication. Make sure to check the expiration date.

*Narcotic pain medication will NOT be administered at school.

*If a medication needs to be administered daily or is a prescription medication, a “Request for School Administration of Medication” form must be completed by both the parent/guardian and doctor before medication may be administered at school. This includes any over the counter medication that indicates it is not to be given to anyone under the age of 18, usually medication containing aspirin (example: Excedrin). This form is available on the Gilbert Public Schools website under Health Services or from the CVHS Health Office.

*If you received an immunization referral or your child got immunizations over the summer,

please bring the updated records to the Health Office.

*Please contact the Health Office for any questions.

-Health Office

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Students who do not arrive to their first hour class on time will be redirected to the sweep room. A parent or guardian must physically enter the building to sign in the late student, otherwise the student will be directed to sweep. Parent phone calls will not excuse the sweep.

While in sweep students will not be able to work on assignments, socialize, or use any electronic devices. Procedures will be in place for students to make up class work and tests they may have missed when they were in Sweep. If a student is swept on a test day, the teacher will allow the student to make up the test. Students who have an assignment due will deliver it to the teacher that same day. All students will be informed of how the Sweep program will be integrated into their school day.

Students who demonstrate repeated tardy behavior will be subject to the progression of interventions and disciplinary action in an effort to encourage and teach proper time management skills. Consequences for sweep will go as follows:

  • 1st Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and it will be documented.

  • 2nd Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and receive a referral.

  • 3rd Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and assigned Saturday School.


dress code

As we prepare for the 2021-2022 school year we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Gilbert Public Schools Student Dress Policy, JICA. It is our goal to respect the rights of our students and families while supporting a positive educational environment.

For your convenience here is a link to the details this policy.

Please see below a list of guidelines for quick reference, which you may find useful:

- Tops should have a 2-inch minimum strap-width on each shoulder.

- Shirts and tops should be long enough to cover the midriff.

- Clothing must modestly cover the underarm, back, cleavage, and chest area.

- Clothing must cover the undergarments and entire buttocks.

- Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be modest in length.

- Shoes must be worn at all times.

- Pants and shorts must be worn to fit, with no bagging or sagging.

- Prohibited items include but are not limited to clothing identified by a school administrator or law enforcement as negative or gang-affiliated / clothing that references drugs or alcohol / offensive symbols or inappropriate messaging on clothing, backpacks, binders, jewelry, or tattoos.

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Mrs. Laura Contreras, Assistant Principal

Academics and Counseling

Grade Level: Seniors

Freshmen A - E

Administrative Assistant:

Liz Oliphant 480.545.3100 X 2102


Counseling Department

Mental Health Counselor- Mr. Baker Google site link

Counselor- Mrs. Dewarrat Google site link

Counselor- Ms. Diggs Google site link

Counselor- Mrs. McManus Google site link

Counselor- Mrs. Lange Google site link

Counselor- Mrs. Carpenter Google site link

Academic Interventionist- Mrs. Duckett Google site link

Counseling Secretary- Mrs. Laurie Prosper 480-545-3100 Ext. 2121


The CVHS Counseling Department has a new and improved website. Check it out:


Follow the CVHS Counseling Department on Instagram: @cvhs_counseling_dept

Counselors met with seniors this week during their English classes to go over senior credit checks and make sure everything is on track for graduation.

Take a look at our Senior Checklist for important information.



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Our counseling department has our very own Virtual Calming Room.

It is our hope that students can add this platform to their toolbox as a way to regulate their emotions and to get them out of the “stuck” feeling they might find themselves in. There are different types of calming activities on this page for students to choose from. There is a way for students to monitor what activity works best for them. Different strategies work for different people. The important thing is that they are willing to find ways to lead a calmer, more focused and happier life. The virtual format should allow students to use this whether they are experiencing anxiety, depression, scattered thoughts, etc. in their different surroundings- not just in class. They can try using it at home, during a study break, at lunch, before a unit test, to help them fall asleep, before the big game, etc.- pretty much anywhere they might get anxious or nervous. They can access it on their phone as well as their Chromebook.

This is just one tool they can use- it is not to replace therapy. If what they are feeling is chronic or physically debilitating, please seek professional help from a medical or mental health professional. If anyone is feeling like hurting themself, they should get help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255.


Activities and Clubs

Dr. Sean Jonaitis, Assistant Principal

Activities, Clubs, and Graduation

Grade Level: Sophomores

Freshmen: F- N

Administrative Assistant:

Cat Jones 480.545.3100 X 2101

IG: @campo.activities


club fair

Thank you to all who participated in our annual club fair! It was a HUGE success!


Looking to get involved in planning community service events for our campus and participating as a volunteer at events in our community? Do you want to develop leadership skills?

Key Club is the club for you!

The club usually meets twice per month on Mondays after school in Ms. Diggs’ room (223).

The club not only seeks out opportunities for short-term community service in our area, but supports other clubs’ efforts as well.

This year, the club will be forming special interest committees which will develop and implement service projects for the campus


What great life skills!

Tips about Volunteering:

· Start earning service hours NOW!

· Find something that you love to do or something that touches your heart: DISCOVER YOUR PASSION

· Use online resources such as VolunterMatch to find opportunities that align with your passion.

· Accurately and diligently record hours. Campo Verde uses an online form (students only)! LINK



An Opportunity for Service

In the 2011-2012 school year, Campo Verde High School offered a new community service class; GC105. A handful of students registered for a class not knowing what it was. These students learned about opportunities for service in Gilbert and the East Valley. They established long-term working relationships with one location and volunteered at that site for a minimum of four hours per week. The majority of the students chose to volunteer at the nearby elementary schools of Quartz Hill and Ashland Ranch. They truly enjoyed their time in the classrooms assisting the teachers and the students.

This inaugural GC105 group logged in over 200 hours each for the year. Not only did they walk away from the class having garnished valuable skills and experience, they also earned valuable community service hours to include in college scholarship applications.

Campo Verde High School recognizes graduates who go above and beyond in their commitment to serving others. This requires that students accurately record service hours that fall within the district guidelines. Maintaining accurate records that include a contact name, phone number and signature at the time the service is completed is key. Students keep these records in their Advisory binder throughout their years at CVHS.

Graduates will wear an honor cord and their names will appear in the graduation graduation program for the following achievements in service:

  • White: 200-399 hours
  • Copper: 400-599 hours
  • White/Green: 600-799 hours
  • All: 800 +

Since that first year, GC105 students have logged over 60,000 hours of service to our community! With nearly 50 students enrolled in GC105 for the 2021-22 school year, we are anticipating many more accolades and scholarship opportunities for our service-minded students.


Performing Arts

Our marching band continues to grow!!!! We kicked off with Marching Band Camp the last week of July.... Mandatory 13-hour days learning the basics of marching band, how to march, setting drills and coordinates, learning show music, and gaining strong rapport with members of the band. Students had dedicated time to work with their sections, push themselves, and prep for the fun year ahead. Special thanks to the sponsors, parents, and boosters for providing delicious dinners each night! We couldn't do this without your steady support!

Band camp closed with a Family Preview Show on Saturday to provide a taste of our season ahead and showcase our students' hard work! We are so proud of you! ...AND.... our annual ABC (After Band Camp) DANCE! The band kids had a blast dancing in the band room and relaxing after an exhausting week!

The Coyote Pride will certainly turn some heads this Fall!!!!!

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The Campo Verde Theatre will be putting on a production of Game of Tiaras by Don Zolidis September 16th - 18th from 7:00PM - 9:00PM, in the Auditorium.
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Yearbooks may be pre-ordered at a reduced price of $65 until Oct. 1, through the yearbook order center:, The school code for the order center is 16196.

Yearbook orders may also be purchased through Infinite Campus or the bookstore. Please note that there is a fee of approximately $2 for all transactions through Infinite Campus – there is no fee for orders placed through the yearbook order center.

July 16 - Oct. 1 - $65

Oct. 2- Jan. 14 - $70

*Jan. 15- March 4 - $75

*after March 4 - $80

*Yearbook orders are placed at the plant after January 10. Books are not guaranteed after that date. After March 4, books can only be purchased in the bookstore. We have sold out in previous years, so pre-ordering is encouraged.

*Questions? Email or call Jeremy Zona, Yearbook Adviser (480-545-3100)

SENIORS ONLY: If you still need to have your Senior Yearbook Portrait taken, you may do so on Tuesday, September 14 in the Auditorium Lobby.

Retake day for ALL students is Tuesday, September 28, in the Auditorium Lobby during both lunches.

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Bookstore Hours: 7:00AM to 3:30PM


If you have purchased a parking permit and have not yet picked it up, please do so as soon as possible. The parking rules and regulations form LINKED HERE must be returned when picking up your permit.

Permits are only available for purchase in the Bookstore, they are no longer available online. Students must be a licensed driver to purchase a parking permit. Students with a learner’s permit will be placed on a waiting list and when they receive their license they can then purchase a parking permit, if available.

Students are required to display a parking permit when parking on campus. Security will be stickering and booting vehicles without permits. Parents will be required to come to campus if a student's car is booted.


Cotton PE shirts are $15.00 - Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

Dri-Fit PE shirts are $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

PE shorts (long black mesh) $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru 3XL

Sport Tek Girls (shorter) shorts $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Dance shirts are $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Dance capris (longer pants) $25.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL.

Yoga shirts are $15.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Yoga shorts are $20.00 – Adult Sizes Small thru XL

Locks are available for $5.00

PE Clothes are available for purchase online through the IC Parent Portal.

Daily checks are made for online purchases, you and your student will receive an email to let you know that the order has been completed and is ready for pickup.


*All students should have their Student ID. Here's a tip: Take a clear picture of your ID with your cellphone as a back up in the event you lose your ID. Lost ID's can be replaced for $5.

*Take a minute now to write your name on the bottom of your Hydroflask, or other water bottle/jug for easier identification if it gets misplaced.



Mr. Max Ragsdale, Assistant Principal

Athletic Director

Grade Level: Juniors

Freshmen O - Z

Administrative Assistant:

Jacee Iannarelli 480.545.3100 X 2103

IG: @campo.athletics


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Physical Education

WELCOME BACK to the new school year!!! Our PE Department is excited to work with all of our students in PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SPORTS TRAINING, DANCE, YOGA, and UNIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes. We are busily preparing our facilities and equipment for a safe, healthy, and fun experience!

PE, Dance, Yoga UNIFORMS:

Uniforms can be purchased in person in our CVHS Bookstore. All students need to have the proper uniform and a combination lock. Please contact Coach Cornell or your PE teacher if you have any questions.


We are excited to offer another year of "AFTER SCHOOL WEIGHTS" we will be opening the weight room after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:20-3:00pm. Please see Coach Cornell or Coach Bishop for more information.


We will be offering lunchtime intramurals during both lunches for any student interested in being active. Intramurals will be held in either the mini or main gymnasium and occasionally outside (when the weather cools down). Please see Coach Cornell for more information.


Career Center

Mrs. Amy Jacobson, Career Center Specialist

The Career Center is located in the Library, and

Mrs. Jacobson is happy to meet with you,

and to answer any questions you may have.


Follow for scholarships, college info, FAFSA & jobs!

Instagram @cvhs_college_career_center

Make an appointment using the link below:

Career Center Appointment




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Library Updates


Mrs. Flaherty and Mrs. Jeffers would like to invite all the new freshmen and returning students into the library this school year. The library is open from 7:15-3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday we are open from 7:15-2:30. Students will find thousands of books, hundreds of encyclopedias, school textbooks, credible databases, computer/printer access and Chromebook charging stations. All of our electronic resources can be found on students’ school google account under the GPS Student Web Apps tab.

New books: We always have a display of the books that just arrived to us. It’s right by the door so students can find them easily. And right above the new books we post pictures of the covers of the books we will be getting soon. Students are able to reserve them, or any book, if they would like.

Can you help? Please consider donating any new or used books to our school library. New releases and popular teen titles (such as John Green books) are most needed, however, any books brought in will be assessed for appropriate use. If they are not needed on campus, they will be used as trades towards purchasing appropriate titles. Simply leave the books with the receptionist or have your child bring them into the library. Thank you for supporting your library!

Chromebook Information:

We recommend reading the Student Device Handbook. Let your students know that they can come to the library at anytime they have questions or need help with their Chromebook.

Also, you may want to consider purchasing the Device Protection Plan for your child. The deadline to purchase is September 3rd.


digital citizenship


Digital Citizenship addresses 21st century skills such as: Media Balance & Well-Being, Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech, News & Media Literacy. Here is a short video from commonsense on digital citizenship: What is Digital Citizenship?

The Gilbert Public School district uses Common Sense as our resource of information and Campo Verde teachers will be teaching all our students these digital skills from its resources. Common Sense is a trusted site grounded in research with its mission as, “helping kids thrive in a rapidly changing world”. This site also has a section for parents so that you can support your children, no matter what age, with these skills. We recommend that you take a look at it, but we will also use this newsletter as a way to give you resources on these topics.


Events & Fundraising


blood drive

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booster clubs

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