The Best Colony EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Massachusetts is a great colony, it has many trees and harbors. It has many rivers such as the Connecticut River, the Charles River, and the Cape Cod Canal. Massachusetts has lots of land and good soil for farming.

Massachusetts is an especially great colony because it has two awesome settlements within it. The first one, Plymouth colony, is famous for being a part of King Philips war. The second one, Massachusetts Bay, is famous for it's harbor.

The Plymouth Colony

The Plymouth colony was founded by a group of separatists-their leader was John Winthrop- that were being prosecuted in England for religious reasons. They wanted to go to America so they could have religious freedom and practice whatever they want. They originally were planing to land in Virginia but a storm carried them to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony

The colony was established by the Massachusetts Bay Company. It was founded in 1628 and was successful with about 200,000 colonists.


Massachusetts has a lot of geographical features. For example, the Berkshire mountains and the many bays. Massachusetts has countless rivers like the Charles River and the Cape Cod Canal.


Massachusetts relies on their trade immensely. Early trades of lumber, fur, and fisheries were very important to the culture of Massachusetts. They also relied on wealthy colonists to put money towards the colony so it could thrive.


Massachusetts was a colony that was made of mainly separatists. Therefore people that were separatists could practice what ever they want and how they want. Those that weren't separatists didn't have this freedom.


They had a representative form of government. Towns in the colony could vote for people to represent them in the assembly. The only people that could vote were adult men. They came with the Mayflower Compact, which stated that they had liberty, no one person could rule over them.


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