Democracy on the Goldfields 1850

Eureka Stockade

life on the goldfields

life on the goldfields was hard and exhausting.The men seeked their fortune while the women did their regular duties.Fresh food wasnt available all the time.The most common food was damper and mutton.Miners lived in tents.


Mineers used tools such as, pans, shovels, pickaxes, shafts etc. You would use a pan in a river because there would be scartes of gold and if you were lucky yo would find the bit of gold. The shovels were used when you dug in the dirt deep in the ground there was gold so you could dig and find gold. You would use a pickaxe when mining in mines or just try ing to find gold inside a rock. Shafts were in mines to bring the gold up to the land.


Shelter were basic in the gold fields. The miners lived in Tents then upgraded there house into a hut. Then they upgraded there huts into a house.