Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

Feb. 5, 2018

What is going on?

Reading: We will use context clues to help us determine the meaning of unknown words. Specifically, we will learn how synonyms and antonyms can be helpful in finding that unknown meaning.

Writing: Students will be completing a district On-Demand Writing Assessment this week.

Spelling and Grammar:

Spelling words this week: black, ear, green, live, pick, such, ready, where

In grammar we will discuss the difference in apostrophe s (‘s) and adding s for plural.

Science: We will explore the water cycle and discover how precipitation, condensation and evaporation play a role in our weather.

Math: In math we will continue our fraction unit. Kids will learn about equivalent fractions, equal shares, and names of parts including eighths, fourths, and halves. We will use concrete models to count fractional units beyond one whole and identify examples and non-examples of fractional parts.

We have a fun week planned for how-to writing in a couple weeks and I was hoping you would be willing to help me with some supplies for the lessons. If so, please email me and I will confirm with you so that we don't have an over abundance! Once again, thank you for your generosity!

- 2 packages of Oreos (Mitchell)

- pre-packaged and prepared chocolate pudding (22 needed)

- 2 boxes of Graham crackers ( Lark)

- 2 cans of whip cream (Aditya)

- 2 bags of m&ms (mini m&ms will be even better)

- package of plastic punch size cups (Sophia)

All supplies needed by Monday, February 26th.

This and That...

  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed/ Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due

  • Feb. 19 & 20 Professional Learning Days- no school for kids

  • Feb. 21-March 3 Apex Fun Run

  • Feb. 27 5th-STAAR Ready Science

  • March 9 Field Day

  • March 12-16 Spring Break

The 2018 KLRU Kids Writing Contest is open for submissions until March 31st! If you have a K-5 writer in your family itching to share their work, head over to the KLRU contest website for more information. A few entry packets are also available in the library.


Apex Run Volunteer Google Form

Field Day Announcements

Schedule of Events:

2nd& 3rd Grades –8:00-9:45 am

4th& 5th Grades –10:00-11:45 am

K & 1st Grades –12:30 –2:15 pm

We need Parent Volunteers!

If you can donate any amount of time to help us run a station at Field Day, please visit our sign up genius link listed below. We appreciate you helping us make this day a success!


If you ordered a Field Day T-Shirt - Thank you!

T Shirts will be delivered to your student during the week before Field Day.

Have a good weekend