What is Positive Youth Development?

5 topics showcasing PYD and the benefits for your child

Our Children are the Future

Are you a parent or teacher that wonders if your children are being guided down the right path? If so, you are not alone. Children's education is essential to their well-being. It is up to parents, teachers, and guardians to guide our children's future. This webinar will showcase five topics relating to positive youth development. Attendees will leave this webinar feeling confident about a new approach to guiding our children down the right path.

Positive Youth Development webinar

Friday, Jan. 20th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Topics covered:

  • What is positive youth development?
  • How does it benefit youth?
  • How to conduct positive youth development in the classroom
  • How to apply positive youth development to everyday life
  • We will hear two speakers that will give experiences on how PYD benefited their child

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