Soccer Sabotage

Liam O'Donnell


Nadia is on a soccer team and her coach has just ben injured and they don't know what to do without the choach out of commsion. Now the coach choose Nadia to be in the head coach but there is lot's of people who have been supects. Like who pushed there coach down the stairs and who is trying to ruin their team and the other problem is that the goal keeper has been injured because a bowling ball has just fallen on top of her head and they only have one goal keeper. There is also one mean bully that Nadia has to deal with but the is why does she bully her when she did not do anything to her. What do you think they can do?


The Charater's in the story are Nadia, her little brother nate, the coach, her friend choaches son, and the other team which are the Roaring Lions. ROAR!


There is one mean bully that Nadia has to deal with but she does not know what her problem is and there is also her boyfriend that might want's to interfeer with the team and ruin their team is it him or the guy who pushed the coach down the stairs. Who know's.