Career Choices


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Being an editor would be an amazing job. You would get to interview lots of people (famous, even!), and experience many different great opportunities. The salary of an editor is about $45,000 per year. An education in English or journalism of 4-6 years is usually required, depending on whether or not you want a Masters' degree. Some personality traits that would suit an editor are creativity, structure, and logic.
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Having a job as a psychologist would be a great job to have. You get to treat many people each day, and help their overall mentality. Some different psychologists include school counselors, clinical, social, and even more. A salary of a psychologist is roughly $90,000. The level of education in psychology varies on the level of a psychologist. Usually, a Masters and/or a PhD is required. Some personality traits that a psychologist should possess include confidence, good listening skills, and a good sense of ethics.
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Even though it may be hard to start a job as an actress, it would definitely be something I'd want to do! It's a great job in which you are constantly expressing yourself. The salary of an actor varies greatly, it depends on the jobs you take. It can range from a thousand a week to millions per film. Most actors have a basic high school and/or four years of college pursuing a degree in fine arts. Dedication, confidence, and creativity are important traits of an actor.