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Have you ever heard about the piranha? If not there are tons of facts out there. If you want to get a closer look, you might want to be careful. Just be sure to keep your fingers out of the water. To learn about it’s appearance, habitat, prey, and predators read more!


The appearance of the piranha is very interesting.Their length is about 5-13 inches and weight about 25-30 pounds.There are many different colors of piranhas, silver, black, blue, gold, and red.The piranha has rough scales like any other fish. They have razor-sharp teeth with jaws that stick out. The jaws slide together like scissors and the lips hide the teeth. When they lose a single tooth the rest will fall out and a new set of teeth will grow in, a couple days later. That they like is 75-86 degrees. Some live in Venezuela, Amazon River tributaries and Orinoco River.

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Piranhas prefer to live in warm tropical waters. They are commonly found in Brazil, South America in the waters east of the Andes Mountains. If the water gets too cold, in the Amazon River the piranhas will die. The temperature that they like is 75-86 degrees. Some live in Venezuela, Amazon River tributaries and Orinoco River.

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Piranhas are one of the fiercest fish in the world when they eat. They love to eat small animals such as birds and snakes.Some piranhas also eat fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, snails and insects. A weird fact about the piranha’s eating habit is some even eat other fish’s fins and tails or dead animals. These carnivores have excellent hearing and eyesight like humans. It’s better than most fish. When they eat there are more than 100 piranhas together, helping one piranha attack food. When one smells blood the rest will too and charge to eat it.

Piranha Devours a Duck


Piranhas are the fiercest fish in the world, but the have predators too. Did you know they are prey to other piranhas? Many of their threats are otters, anacondas, pink dolphins, and vampire fish. Piranhas use their teeth to protect themselves. Sometimes they are threatened by humans.Humans hunt them for food. The piranhas will imitate other adult piranhas to keep safe.

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Now you know more about the piranhas. If you want to see one for yourself, you have two options. You can be daring and go to it’s natural habitat or go safely to the zoo!


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