Computer Hardware

Ella Davis

Hard Drive HDD/SSD

A Hard Drive is essential to every kind of computer. It stores all programs, music, pictures, documents ect. So without a hard drive your computer would be rather rubbish.

SSD means Solid State drive.

HDD means Hard Disk Drive.

An HDD contains a disk which spins around and an 'arm' reads and writes imformation onto it.

An SSD has no moving parts within it.

SSD's are far more advanced then HDD's. However, because of this are a lot more expensice.

Optical Drive

Optical drives are used to read and write optical disc's. The most common variations of optical discs are: Blu-ray, DVD and CD. Optical drive's can be found in many electronical devices. Such as: video consoles, computers, laptops, DVD players and CD players.

A Blu-ray disc is more advanced than a DVD or CD because it can hold much more imformation.

Blu-ray players can play Blu-ray's, DVD's and CD's. DVD players can play DVD's and CD's and CD players can only play CD's.