Mrs. Salaiz' Math Classes

Welcome back!

4th Grade Newsletter for the Week of January 4th-8th

Your child's newsletter will be going home on Monday in their Orange Homework Folder.

Please review upcoming events and homework for each night.

Multiplication Review

For the first few days of this week we are going to review 3 different ways that we have learned to multiply by 2 digit numbers. I have embedded videos that demonstrate each method.

The first two are both considered distributive property using partials products so we call them Area Models (boxes), and Expanded Algorithm. The third is the Traditional Method.

Please review all 3 methods with your student to help them remember and practice these skills.

Area model multiplication
CH 11 Multiply larger numbers by 2 digit
Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 2

Coming Up!

We will be moving on to division very quickly so be sure to help your child master their basic multiplication facts so the can be successful.