Elm Road Express February 2021

"Putting Dreams into Flight"

From the Desk of Dr. Soto Kile

As we enter into the second semester, I would like to remind parents of the importance of reviewing the recently issued report card information at home. Discuss with your children goals for this semester. How can small changes lead to improvement in the future? If you need specific feedback, ideas, and resources, do not hesitate to contact our teachers for more support.

I appreciate the parents who have communicated clearly and openly with our staff about positive student Covid cases, symptoms, and close contact information. Being a good neighbor and living by the Golden Rule we talk about each day at school is important. These times are challenging, at best. How are we all modeling good citizenship with one another with our actions and our deeds? How are we teaching our children to behave in a way that builds trust, truth, and safety for all? Let's work together to provide a safe and caring atmosphere for all students, parents, and staff. We do this by demonstrating through our words and our actions. What are we teaching our children today?

Dates to Remember

Jan 25 - Feb 26 - High Ability Testing in CogAT

Feb 5 - Yearbook orders due

Feb 15 - Recess Day, No School

Feb 22 - PTO Meeting 3pm Virtual

Mar TBA- NWEA testing for High Ability

Mar 8-19 - IREAD testing-3rd grade

Mar 10 - Spell Bowl

April 5-14 - ILEARN testing (3rd, 4th,and 5th grades)

Notes from the Office

Please make sure your child brings a mask to school each day and bring a second one for after recess if the first one gets wet.

We will not be having spring pictures this year.

School fees were due January 31st. If you need to set up a payment agreement , please call the office.

Snow Weather and Sledding

It is that time of year again….cold and snowy weather! Please remember to dress your child appropriately. We will go outside as long as the temperature and the wind chill factor are above zero. All students are expected to go outside. If your child is to remain inside, please provide a doctor’s note. To play in the snow, children need to wear snow pants, coats, gloves, hats and boots. Please make sure you mark your child’s belongings with his/her name. With regard to sledding, please be reminded that children may bring a plastic roll up sled to school during snowy days. Please make sure that your child’s name is on the sled. Keeping your children safe is our main priority. Sledding is always supervised!

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following

“Eagles” for their wonderful

“SOAR” behavior

Barnes: Mya McKinnies & Lincoln Wedel

Portolese: Eleanor Liggett & Miles Shook

Renz: Paul Maxwell & Laney Gibson

Bush: Jack Gordenier & Reese Fair

Hinton: Parker Hopkins & Karma Bourdon

Taylor: Ellison Potts, Caleb Cummins, & Landyn Laidig

Clark: Finn Higgins & Ariah Vigil

Richard: Kamdyn Graham, Jackson Bevis & Nevaeh Reina

Tornquist: Dominic Forsythe, Ava Stewart & Raylee Workman

Anderson: Emily Smith & Royce Henry

Miller: Gabby Hernandez & Alo Mokoma

Myers: Kathryn McGinnis & Eli Vigil

Pillow: Peyton Dodd & Graham Folkerts

Cook: Gavin Coquilard & Ian Levendoski

Freeman: Jace Boyd, Faith Latson & Annalee Patszchke

Keough: Lilith Kennel & Jace LeVan

Newcomer: Emma Palmer & Melina Perry

Kertai: Katarina Obradovic & Dominic Fey

Mellor: Matthew Tibbs & Leyna Tropp

Shreiner: Ambrosia Howard, Badr Halwani & Pari Pelia

Library Lines

As we begin the second semester of school, continue to read near, with, and to your children. They notice what you are reading and your example makes a difference to them. Cuddling together on the couch reading together makes memories that last a lifetime! Read! Read! Read!

Our focus in the Library this month will be “friendship” as well as enjoying the One School One Book – Frank Einstein and doing STEM activities relating to the book.

Please use the Junior Library Digital Library at home. You may access it at home using this link:

  1. Click on http://jlg.ipublishcentral.com/r?bookshelf=giUkBSc35AenHgRq3rPg%2FBjhceAF1nG50JccXqPvLTI%3D

  2. Click on the orange sign In button at the top of the page.

  3. All student logins for JLG are first letter of first name + last name + last three of their ID + @phm.k12.in.us. Password is ID + phm.

  4. Begin reading!

Health Room News

  • Students need to arrive at school with a face mask every day and they should be washed several times a week.
  • Students should not come to school ill. Please call the office if they need to stay home.
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In the STEM lab this month multiple grade levels worked on items associated with the book, Frank Einstein, that the whole school is reading. We practiced the sign language alphabet, coding and are starting to learn more about robots and how they are being built to improve our world.

Some of the grade levels worked on special units: Kindergarten worked on a unit about how some simple tools are some of our handiest items. First grade was on a unit about Animals and their habitats. We learned how animals adapt to their habitat to find food, air, water and shelter. . Third Grade worked on a unit about advertising and how it "encourages us to buy their product" by wording, pictures and using celebrities that use their products. Ask your children how "food stylists" make food look more appetizing for the ads. Fifth grade has also been working with the ozobots and sphero mini robots.

Youth Services Bureau

It’s tax time! Families in St. Joesph County may qualify for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). This program offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide FREE basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals. Call 2-1-1 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment.

As always, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 259-3743. Thank you! - Mrs. Shell

What's Happening in Gym


Throughout January students practiced hand eye coordination during our games of 9 Square in gym class. We discussed how to take responsibility for actions and how to be a good sport when we get out in a game. Grades 3-5 also used this time to enhance their volleyball skills of forearm passing (bumping) and overhead passing (setting) with partners. We also integrated some jump rope, balancing, throwing and catching skills at stations. A focus was placed on setting goals and how we can persevere to make sure to meet our goals. First and second graders revisited sorting food into food groups during some warm up activities. Fourth and fifth grade students brainstormed what activities create a good warm up and are now designing their own warm up routines to be shared with classmates. We also played some scooter football in honor of the upcoming super bowl.

Kindergarten through second grade students should have brought home a Physical Education Motor Skill Report. Please look the paper over with your child and if you have any available time to practice some of these at home it would benefit your child. Please let Mrs. Sime or Mrs. Parisi know if you have any questions about the report.

Please remind your child to bring tennis shoes in his/her backpack when coming to school in boots. Tennis shoes are the best choice for a day in the gym or classroom!

Stay Fit,

Debbie Parisi dparisi@phm.k12.in.us

Sarah Sime ssime@phm.k12.in.us

Music at Elm Road

This last month in music all grades have started working on sight singing, using solfege. (Do Re Mi...) We have to learn to look at music in front of us, and figure out how to read and sing what we see. We will continue doing this as a part of our warmups in class. Each grade has also gone through a unit connecting to some of our STEM activities at Elm Road. 1st and 2nd grade learned a few songs to go along with different habitats that we were studying. 3rd grade just finished a unit where we learned about how music is used in advertising. And 4th and 5th grade have been learning some about the science behind music, such as the way that musical sound waves travel and how our brain perceives them.

I'm looking forward to the different musical opportunities that February brings!

Mr. Marks

Miss Peluso's Reading Corner

SOARing Readers take flight at Elm Road!

As we kick off our “SOARing Readers: Reader of the Month'' program, I want to thank everyone for their support as we are all working diligently to help our Eagles develop a love of reading!

Congratulations to our January Readers of the Month!

Barnes: Olivia Hernandez

Portolese: Sydney Kuminecz & Blake Miller

Renz: Henrik VanLake

Bush: Emmett Banta & Willow Ingole

Hinton: Natalia Mozzacato & Anna Skyes

Taylor: Rocco DeCicco & Mary Domonkos

Clark: Martin Cochran & Molly Cummins

Richard: Nora Hamper & Madelyn Knefely

Tornquist: Ryan McClain & Ava Stewart

Anderson: Natalie Haab & Mason Francis

Miller: John Bulger & Ariana Navarro

Myers: Ella Ryckeart & Dontae Hollingsworth

Pillow: Michael Baldwin

Cook: Ella Emmons & Abby Freeman

Freeman: Jenna Fair & Faith Latson

Keough: Addy Hixon & Riley Smith

Newcomer: Yhonatan Guzman & Emily Freeman

Kertai: Averi Hernandez

Mellor: Leyna Tropp

Shreiner: Bonnie Moore & Hope Harter

One School, One Book

Students participated in this school-wide novel study spanning all grade levels and modes of learning. Teachers volunteered to help read and record chapters to ensure that students would have access to both virtual and hard copy editions of our reading materials. Staff developed activities and trivia questions, researched scientists, and more to create a month full of STEM fun relating to our story - Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor. We hope you enjoyed participating in this novel study adventure with us by asking students about their favorite parts of the story each day and completing the accompanying activities that have taken place around the building. Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor was a great success for our school!

Save the Date

Title I Parent Night: The Ins and Outs of Assessment

Tuesday, February 16th @ 5:30 PM (virtual meeting)

We will share information and identify important strategies for navigating and preparing for upcoming assessments. DIBELS (K-2), IREAD (3), ClearSight (3-5), and ILEARN (3-5) will all be discussed during this session. Complete THIS FORM if you are interested in attending this virtual presentation.

Happy Reading!

Miss Peluso

Title I Reading Specialist



Title I Resources - website

Stem Tile

This ceiling tile will be joining others at Urban Swirl in Granger once the store reopens.
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