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December 14, 2015 - SUCCESS STORY

Mr. Brown

There are some people who are but a whisper in our lives and then there are others who make a tremendous impact, Mr. Brown has been one of these people for some. He is not one to say this or even admit to it, so I am going to say it for him.

From the humblest of beginnings to the man who changed a community by being what it is that God created him to be...himself. I will never forget the first time I heard one of his talks either with students touring our school or at the beginning of the year or our own professional development days. These are different talks than what other schools hear from their principals.

"Live, laugh, love, leave a legacy." - Stephen Covey

Live - Mr. Brown's life has been and is one dedicated to being a servant, this is a desired quality for a leader, to serve others.

Laugh - Mr. Brown has fun with what he has been doing. The fun comes from doing the right thing.

Love - I am not aware of anyone who has loved being a partner with his faculty as much as Mr. Brown. There is a certain spark in his eye when he talks about his teachers and students. It is one that comes from a person who has the dedication and love for those who have been there with each through the best and worstof times.

Leave a legacy - Mr. Brown is admired by many. He will continue to be called on for advice by those with any sense. He has been a father-figure to generations of children who have come through the doors of schools in which he has served. There is no greater legacy than the impression one makes on the heart, soul and mind of a child. You see, that child grows into an adult with memories and experiences that they draw upon to make decisions and choices that have consequences. For those who have come in contact with Mr. Brown, the advice has always come from a place of love, experience and prayerful consideration.

Thank you, Mr. Brown for showing us what it means to have a servant's heart and to always do what is best for others, especially the children. You gave many of us an opportunity when others may not have been as willing to take that chance. You see the best in us, challenge us, and care deeply about us, we couldn't ask for anything more. Job well done.

It's You - Greatest Motivation ᴴᴰ ft. Les Brown
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Calendar of Events

December 14 - Basketball vs. Buckhorn @ 4:30 PM

December 15 - Canvas Follow-up Upstairs Library @ 3:45 PM

December 17 - Christmas PTO Lunch in Upstairs Library

December 17 - Grades Posted

December 18 - Verify Grades

December 18 - Take Time Sheets to Ms. Rita during planning

December 18 - Student Last Day

December 21 - January 3 - Christmas Holiday

January 4 - Meet at Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 8:15 AM