Meet Beethoven

Don't need to hear to feel the music

Beethoven's Music

Beethoven had to go through a lot of things making his music. He was deaf which made it very difficult to make music. Many people ask "How did he make music if he could not hear?" I found out that he did not need to hear he had to feel. Whenever he was making music he would feel it with every note he played. He was not always deaf so he knew what the piano notes sounded like.

Beethoven's Adversity

His adversity is what pushed him to do everything he did. As soon as he became deaf he could have quit and his life could have been over. Instead he moved on and used his adversity for his benefit. Most people will take their adversity and think that it is a burden, but Beethoven took his adversity and ignored it.

Here are some cool examples of Beethoven

Beethoven Rocks


Beethoven's Music is the best classical music you can find including some of his best hits are here.