The Weekly Roar

October 10, 2020

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The Streets of La Ballona

As we move into October, you may have noticed that the area around La Ballona is getting a makeover! As many of you know, new crosswalks are being built around many of the intersections helping our students get to school safely. Next week, the corner of Matteson and Gerard sidewalk will be closed and pedestrians will not have access. Then, the beautification stage begins. Because your children's safety is so important, please watch this video about walking safely in our neighborhood.


Dr. Becky Godbey

Safe Travels - 4 Ways, Always

Community Support for People with Disabilities

This month, La Ballona is honoring Disability Awareness Month. Our passionate committee is excited to share resources and information for all families and staff. Here's our second installment:

In honor of Disability Awareness Month, we are learning about the different aspects of living and thriving with a disability. Last week we looked at artists, athletes and celebrities that live with disabilities.

This week we want to focus on how the community can help people with disabilities. As we look at people with disabilities, it's important to remember that they are a valuable part of our diverse society, and assistance should be aimed at empowering them to exercise their own control and make their own choices. The United Nations Conventions for the Rights of People with Disabilities has identified several domains where the community can assist people with disabilities. Among them are communication (which can be assisted through methods such as providing specialized speech therapy, use or sign language or braille, and computer assisted communication); transportation and mobility (including use of walkers, crutches and canes, prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, accessible vehicles and chair lifts, ramps, and designated parking spaces); daily activities and community living (including assistance dogs which can help people navigate the community safely, personal assistants, and modifications of things like bathrooms and showers); and access to services like health care and education (provision of specialized medical care is vital to certain disabilities, including assistance from people such as school nurses).

As a school, we play a big role in assisting the education of people with disabilities. One way schools do this is by providing an Individualized Education Program. A Section 504 Accommodation Plan is another way students may be supported for having a physical or mental impairment. Mandated through Office of Civil Rights, a Section 504 Plan ensures that a student is not discriminated against, due to her/his impairment. Typically, these supports are strategies that help children in their general education environment.

One of the most important ways that our La Ballona Community can support students with disabilities is by valuing and including each and every student for who they are. At La Ballona, everyone deserves to belong. Despite our differences in ability, culture, language, race, ethnicity, gender, religion (or lack of), political affiliation, education, age, and all the factors that contribute to our identity, we all have a place here at La Ballona.

If you are interested in seeing more ways that people with disabilities function in the community, we have a few recommendations for family friendly films you can watch throughout the month. Here are links to a few movie trailer which may be relevant to parents and caregivers.

Intelligent Lives Trailer

Wretchers & Jabbers

Like Stars on Earth Trailer

My Flesh and Blood

There are also lists of family friendly movies published by Common Sense Media. This list has characters with physical disabilities.

Reading and Math Assessments

In the next two weeks, students in grades 1-5 will participate in reading and math assessments. These computer-adaptive assessments provide important information to our teachers. As your teachers give you more information, we ask for your support with these. You can support your child best by making sure they have a quiet environment, free from distraction. Also, please do not help your child with item answers. We need a true measure of how your children are doing. The flyers below provide helpful information.
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What is Istation? (For Dual Immersion Program)

Recently, our Dual Immersion program launched a new computer application to provide Spanish support in Language Arts and Math. Here's a video for parents. Please note that children will use Clever to access IStation.

The LA County Library offers you a wonderful opportunity for your CCUSD child to receive the Student Card Plus

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Safe Route to Schools Challenges

You've got your pedometer! Now it's time to begin your Walk Across America Challenge! See the directions below and this website.

Below are some fun color activities for your children.

Please Join Our PTA

The La Ballona PTA needs you! Being a member of the PTA is one of the best ways a parent or guardian can be informed on what goes on at La Ballona Elementary School. Being a member also allows you to vote at all La Ballona Elementary PTA meetings. Be involved and have a say at what goes on at our school! Being a member does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings, but we always appreciate extra company! Please join our PTA!

Here are two ways to sign up.


Or use our Square link:

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