Fifth Grade Holiday Party

Friday, Decemeber 19th / 10:00 - 11:30

Fifth Grade Holiday Party Needs Volunteers - Please send in the item you signed up ASAP

Good Morning Excellent Fifth Grade Parents,

Every year, the 5th grade teachers and parents try to plan a holiday party for our students during the month of December. This year’s party will be on Friday, December 19th. In order to help us make it a fun and exciting event, we wanted to reach out to the wonderful parents for volunteers and supplies. Below, we have listed the supplies we will be needing, as well as what we have planned for the students. If you are interested in signing up for any of the supplies, then please go on the sign-up genius and enter your information. The link is: If you are interested in volunteering on the day of the event, then please email your child’s homeroom teacher and discuss the times and activities you would like to help with.

Here is how it will work :

1. Each classroom will have a different activity and the students will get to rotate to each one throughout the day, but at different times. There will be 4 classrooms, with 4 groups divided evenly throughout.

2. GAME ROOM: The games will be led by our volunteers and every students will have the chance to participate.

3. TREE DECORATING ROOM: Ms. Pouncey and Ms. Holley have volunteered to let the students “decorate” them, while they are dressed up as holiday trees. The goal is for the students to throw as much silly string, garland, bows, and confetti at them as possible and the team that gets the most “stuff” stuck to the teachers, wins the game. We did this last year and it was a huge hit!

For this activity we will need:

- Green plastic table clothes or trash bags

- Confetti

- Garland

- Stick-on gift wrapping bows

4. DANCE PARTY ROOM: There will be music for the children to socialize and dance to. If anyone has a strobe light or a couple of kid friendly albums they would be willing to LEND us for the day, that would be very helpful!

5. SNACK ROOM: The student will simply be able to socialize and snack for a while. This is where we need the most donations.

We will be in need of:

- Powdered hot chocolate

- Popcorn

- Premade cookies

- Icing to decorate the cookies

- Sprinkles to decorate the cookies

- Chips and salty foods

- Drinks: Capri suns, soda, juice etc.

- Paper Plates

- Paper Cups

- Utensils

- Napkins

- Plastic Table clothes

For lunch, we ask that money donations be sent in with students, so that we can purchase and pay for pizza the day of the event. If everyone gives at least $2 to their homeroom teacher, we should have enough to cover it for the entire 5th grade and volunteers. This will be eaten during lunch in each student’s homeroom.

Once again the link to the sign- up genius : We have already taken into account the number of students for each item and split it up into groups. We know this is a lot to ask of everyone, but we want the students to have fun on their last day of the semester! :) Thank you so much in advance and please let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays!!!!