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Poland's flag


  • Poland stretches 403 miles from north to south and 428 from east to west
  • Poland is part of the Northern European Plain
  • Poland lacks defined boundaries
  • Poland has very few lakes
  • One fourth of the country is forested

Fast fact: Poland was mostly destroyed after World War 2

Climate and Weather

In the east there is maritime climate of the west and continental climate in the east.

During January temperatures drop into the negatives. The best time to visit is during the middle of the year when temperatures are more mild.

What to see when in Poland!

  • There are so many thing that you can see and enjoy in Poland.
  • One of the more famous places is the Royal Castle. The royal castle is located in Warsaw. Most polish kings and their families lived in the castle. Most of all the stuff located in the castle is preserved. When touring the castle there are three different tours. One of the tours goes through mos of the gathering halls, bedrooms, worship rooms, study rooms an the second floor. There is also a prince tour that takes guests to the third floor. and through each of the bedrooms. And the last tour is of all of the most famous paintings in the castle.
  • Another place to go is to Old Warsaw. There are many gift shops and there are some really good places to eat. The history and culture of Old Warsaw is exciting. The buildings are bright colors and Old Warsaw also is close to Warsaw's biggest shopping center where every building is a store on the first floor and apartments all above them.
  • Finally you can visit the Auschwitz memorial site. At the site, you can enrich yourself about one of the killing centers during World War 2 and the Hollocaust


  • Most people are Roman Catholic
  • They speak Slavic languages
  • Major holidays include: Christmas and Easter which are celebrated like they are here
Polish Culture

Poland Today

Money: Zloty $1.00 equals 3.59 zloty

Government: Republic

President: Bronisław Komorowski

Economy is based upon industry, and the country exports steelworks and machinery.

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A popular food is perogies. A filled pasta like dough.

The fillings are pretty unlimited. There are a lot of fruit fillings and other savory fillings.

Below is a recipe for meat perogies

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Week Trip to Poland

Plane ticket from Chicago to Warsaw direct flight cost: $1,324

Hotel price for exactly 7 days: $938

The hotel that we advise to get rich Warsaw experiences is the Polonia Palace Hotel. The hotel is in the center of New Warsaw and it is a couple minute walk to Old Warsaw.

See You In Poland!

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