Computer programmers

This is a great career

Job info

The branch of science is physical science

Helpful high school courses are calculus, computer programming, computer programming, advanced, technical writing, and trigonometry/advanced algebra.

For college You could go to University of Wisconsin-Stout it is a 4 year college, It is located in Menominee (WI). The student faculty ratio is 20:1 the average class sizes are 30 students.

The average GPA needed for the school is 2.5.

Computer programmers usually work in well-lit, climate-controlled offices because computers do not function well in environments with extreme temperature or humidity fluctuations.

The job is more common in national than in wi.

The location of the job is 1200 Hansen Road

Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304 and the employer is associated bank.

The salary is Wage Level

Wisconsin National


range: $50,490

to $106,320 Per Hour Salary

range: $54,360

to $133,110 Per Hour

Entry $50,490 $24.27 $54,360 $26.13

Median $75,500 $36.30 $87,790 $42.21

Experienced $106,320 $51.12 $133,110 $64.00

This job is not what I will pick later in the futer, one pro is that I like to work with computers and one con is that I don't want to work very large shifts.