March 28-Get Whitt It!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Kinder Round Up is just around the corner...... next Thursday 4/11/2019!

Grade Books opened for PR4A on Friday March 29, 2019. Please have grades in by 5:00 p.m. Friday April 5, 2019.

April 12, 2019, Friday is the end of our 5th 6 Weeks> I will be sending out Special Program Reports for Verification and Sign Off for Friday, please review and let me know if there are any issues.

Thank you all for all of your hard work, you are so appreciated!

Counselor's Corner

Upcoming Events:

4/3: Ripples of Hope

As soon the cards are delivered, I'll distribute them to your boxes. Your classes will fill those out, turn them into you, and then you'll turn them into me. Your kids can write their Ripples of Hope cards to anyone in the district. Super fun and super simple.

4/17 Day of Gratitude

Here are your plans for DOG. They'll be in your box along with materials by April 5. This is a short, 30-minute collection of one video and two exercises. If you've any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!

TESTING: Oh, testing. Are you (or your students) sweating our upcoming assessments? Here are some exercises for you and for your kids to bring some ZEN to this season.

Big picture

Notes from the Nurse

Shout Outs!

  • MP went through Skyward and made SEVERAL attendance calls this week, she just dives in and gets stuff done!
  • Shari Halpin!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean. IT IS NOT IN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION TO ACTUALLY CLEAN UP VOMIT...but you did this week. You did it b/c no one else did. You did it b/c it needed to be done. THANK YOU!
  • I filled in for Patty this week one afternoon and LORT. Do you know how hard it is to answer phones, emails, smile AND click that darn door button??
  • 2nd grade and their pizza cafe was engaging and educational, students LOVED it!
  • Tiffany Leech was asked to be our 3rd-4th ELA curriculum leadership rep. She'll help be a leader during the transition to the new RLA TEKS, curriculum, and resources, and we're proud of her!
  • 3rd grade for taking such good care of each other this week-from Miranda buying her whole team corny Shanda helping Steve navigate the Region X Steve buying her a coffee...its just a back and forth got 'yer back, and we love it!!!!
  • Mirella for being flexible and giving up her lab to Mrs. Williams so she can do GT assessments!!

Calendar Comings


27 PLC and Team Lead Meeting @ 2:45

28 MP out ESC



1 Guests from VA here!

4 guest author reading to 1st!

5 Wolf Howl

8 EOY MAP Begins for 3rd and 4th

8 4th Grade Author Celebrations

9 STAAR Writing

11 Kinder Roundup 4-7pm

16 Dennis Lee; Tiffany Leech's Baby Shower! 3pm, PTA General Meeting; First Grade Program

17 Team Lead Meeting 2:45; Day of Gratitude

18 Kinder Field Trip; 4th grade teachers from Royse City coming to visit our awesomeness!

19 No School!

22 No School!

23 AT out morning ESC; MP out afternoon ESC

25 MP out AP Meeting

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat