William Shakespeare

Maddie Sims

Coming out with a new Play!

William Shakespeare has come out with a new play called the Tempest! It'll be shown in thy Globe Theatre in London, and the Queen herself has said she shall be there. We are excited to see what kind of phenomenon that our brilliant play writer has come out with this time. Hopefully, we hope to see you there next weekend. Now that we've cleared this important piece of information, lets get on to a little detail in his life.

Shakespeare's Life

What He Did With His Life

Okay so at least he actually accomplished something in his life unlike almost more than the half of the human population that ever existed. Unlike them, he actually went places and wrote actual literature...I know right? People used to actually be able to speak the English language properly; oh what I would give to live in a world of people who weren't goldfish with a memory span of five seconds, but you can only ask for so much. Anyway, he wrote plays, but I don't even know why I'm bothering telling you this because if you know anything about history you would know that he writes plays. In summary, William Shakespeare was pretty boss.