to benefit Medical Students For Haiti

Come eat and drink with us on a Manhattan rooftop.

You pay for a tax-deductible ticket here, and we will provide music, food, Rhum Barbancourt and a selection of other fine beverages. . . Not to mention a view of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River from the Sun Terrace, an indoor rooftop venue with a landscaped wrap-around balcony.

Your ticket price will help finance our "Anatomy Program," an educational program designed to meet a demonstrated need at Université Quisqueya in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This project will impact the quality of medical education that these students receive, and will hopefully help Université Quisqueya increase a 20-30% retention rate due to its anatomy courses alone. Anatomy is a difficult course in medical schools with what we would consider the full gamut of resources - tenured anatomy professors at our institutions, online books available, cadaveric dissection, anatomy books, etc. Université Quisqueya has only two full-time faculty, 10% of its students own anatomy books, and the school loses power every day for several hours during lectures. This Anatomy Program was piloted last year, and Université Quisqueya has asked us to return and facilitate the anatomy program again, but we would like to do it better -- with your help.

Medical Students For Haiti (MS4H) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization entirely run by students. All donations are tax-deductible, and we have no financial conflicts of interest. To find out more about our organization or this project, please visit our facebook page and recent publications below.


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Medical Students For Haiti's Charity Rooftop "Rhum Mixer!" Featuring food, rum and other wines and spirits!

Friday, Jan. 18th, 7:30-11:30pm

500 W. 56th

New York

To buy tickets, visit the event page on Eventbrite.