Summer German Program

Because Summer German Courses are Fun!

Summer Enrollment is Open!

With the GrillFest behind us, and summer upon us, now is prime time to enroll in that summer German course you've been planning on taking! Enrollment is now open for GERM 1115 and 2113 for the first summer session and 1225 for the second summer session.

Hurry and enroll before Tuesday, 21 April to keep these classes open!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Complete Requirements and Work Towards a Minor!

Enrolling in that summer German course is a win-win. You are able to acquire much language in a short amount of time, you can complete an entire semester in a matter of weeks, and you form new friendships. Not only that, summer language courses are fun.

Time Runs out on 21 April!

More Information

The course schedule is set up so that you can come to class and still enjoy your afternoons. Each class begins at 10:30 and goes until either 12:30 or 12:40. Having this kind of daily schedule gives you the tools needed to acquire much language within a short amount of time. Since summer course materials are the same as regular course materials, you can use the same books for both summer and semester courses.