Hate List

Connecting my book to Greek mythology

Hate List description

Hate List is about Valerie Leftman who goes to Garvin High with her boyfriend Nick Levil. The two of them don't exactly fit in with the rest of their school, they continuely get bullied by kids like Christy Bruter.One day Nick was feed up with it so he walked into the commons(which is where most kids meet in the morning) and walked up to Christy and opened fire on the school. There was many victoms including Valerie. After she was shot Nick turned the gun on himself. Val now has to make up for the lives that were lost and the lives that were changed.

Val and Hercules

I related these two main characters because they both have things to make up for. Val has to deal with the grief her boyfriend brought while Hercules has to deal with the grief he brought upon himself.

Main characters

Review of Hate List

I really liked Hate List. It was really interesting and almost realateable because things like the shooting happen in our world. This book really showed how one person'e action can affect other people.

Friday, May 2nd 2008 at 7:15am

Garvin High School

Garvin High school shooting.

-Nick Levil

Connection between modern litature and greek mythology

In both Greek mythology and modern litature there are archetypal heros. The heros have gpne through different struggles, that they have to find a way to overcome. In Greek mythology the heros are born into a situation such as their father is Zeus and their mother is a mortal, but in modern litature they might not have a father at all, and their mother can't cope with out their husband so she uses drugs and alcohol

Jessica and Aphrodite

Jessica is the most popular girl in school. She's the student concil president and on the volleyball team. Aphrodie is the godess of love and beauty. These two are connected because they are both very popular

Dad(Mr. Leftman) and Zeus

In Greek mythology Zeus is unfaithful and betrays his wife. In Hate List Val's dad, Ted is unfaithful to her mom, Jenny. He has an affair with his reeceptionist, Briley.

Pyramus and Thisbe and Val and Nick

Pyramus and Thisbe are in love so much that they die for each other. Nick and Val love each other very much. Nick thought that they would both be happier if they were dead so he tried to kill both of them. In the end only Nick dies and Val has to find a way to cope with her soul mate being dead.

Val's archetypal hero traits

Val suffered through a traumatic event along with the rest of Garvin High. Except for her... the shooter was her bestfriend, her boyfriend. Unlike the rest of the victims of the May 2 shooting she was blamed because her and Nick always talked about death and wanting to die. Another trait is that at the end of the book Val leaves to go on a trip like Perseus.


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