Canada in 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060?

Canada Today

Canada has a vast immigration history and a rising one currently. There are many benefits to live in Canada some being free health care, education, etc. Currently Canada is a great place to live but what will Canada look like in 2060?

Canada's Immigration

Immigration Today

Earlier in Canada's immigration history majority of immigrants were from different parts of Europe. Currently most of Canada's immigration population is from India, China, Philippines, and different parts of the middle east. There are many reasons why these countries in Asia want to immigrate to Canada, some being health care, education, jobs, and a better lifestyle. On average Canada receives around 250 000 immigrants per year.

Immigration In The Future

In my opinion i believe that there will be less immigration to Canada because other countries economies will start to grow. When this happens those people in the countries will not need to immigrate to Canada for thing such as health care, education, and a better quality of life. Instead of immigrating to Canada for those benefits they will have those in their home countries. Currently demographers are predicting a decline in immigration in the next coming years. Canada's pull factors will end up not being an attraction because other foreign countries will start to develop the things Canada has.

Canadas population

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Current Demographics And Population

Canada has a current population of 35.16 million people which is around 0.5% of the total worlds population. The current birth rate is approximately 10.8 (per 1000) and a death rate of around 7.5 (per 1000) which means it concludes to a natural change of approximately 3.5 (per 1000). However as you can see below currently we are slowly initiating stage five of the demographic transition. Slowly the population is declining as shown on the graph below, and it is because people are choosing to have fewer kids and smaller families. The only reason why Canada is sustaining their population is because of immigration.
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Demographics and Population In 2060

Following the demographic transition, the population in the future will surely decline. I believe that the birth rate will decline because families will continues to have fewer children to focus on their profession like they are doing currently. I also see that the death rate will increase because of the baby boomer situation. The baby boomers are going to reach their age where they will can no longer function and when they die the death rate will increase. It will increase because there was a huge jump when the baby boomers were born and now when they will die there will be a spike in the death rate.

The First Nation Situation

The First Nation Situation Currently

Currently there are more than 1.4 million First Nations People in Canada. That makes up 4% of Canada's population. As Wab Kinew said there is a lot of mistreatment towards the First Nations People right now. After constant messages to the people about this Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized on live T.V. to the First Nations People. This shows that people are trying to make a change and prevent further harassment towards the First Nations People. There has been a lot of drama with how people treat the First Nations People and i think that is wrong of them to do that. However people are starting to realize this and change will happen soon.

The First Nation Situation in 2060

I believe that in 2060 The First Nations People will be in a better place than they are now. I say this because a lot more attention has been brought to the First Nations and their living conditions. There has been a start of government funding towards the First Nations People and i believe that it will continue so they can settle and live the lifestyle they are restricted to currently. With this funding the First Nations People will be able to live on reserve and live the way they want to and sustain their culture.

Why The First Nations Situation Will Improve

Canadian Federal Government Apology to First Nations
The reason why I choose this video is because it show cases Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologizing to the First Nations people. Something this big shown on live T.V. will cause a lot of attention and different points of view and thoughts. This happened in 2014 and change is slowly on its way. By 2060 the entire point of view on the First Nations People will change. If someone very high in parliament brings up such an incident and truly apologizes for it, then that has a huge meaning to it. When i said that the First Nations People are on their way to a better life, this will help them by an extraordinary amount. People will start to understand what they have been doing and will realize that its wrong and these people are the founders of Canada the country we all live in. With government funding and support the First Nations People are surely on their way to a better life.


My life in Canada in 2060 by Agraywall