Brian's Return

By:Josh Kirk #13


I think that Brian's Return is REALISTIC FICTION because Brian could be a real and could do all of that stuff in real life.

Plot Diagram

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Personl Connection

I go hunting and I go camping so dose Brian.


PAGE 28 Text Evidenece Background Inferences

Brian goes into the woods + He likes the woods+ I infer that he will stay in the wood's.

PAGE56 On the list it has tea+ He had tea for the frist time at Caleb+ He likes tea and he is taking it with him on this trip to the woods.

Somebody wanted but so

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Character Map

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Hatchet:A trowing wepon good of hunting.pag52

Canoe:A long light narrow boat with sharp ends and curved sides that is usually moved by someone using a paddle.pag51

straight bow:They are generally referred to as straight, despite the minor curves of natural wood and the "set" or curvature that a wooden bow takes after use.

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Straight Bow

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Gary Paulsen As A Wrter

I think that Garry Pausen is a good writer.I like how he in clueds little inserts in woods runner .Some of Garry Pausen book's are gorey .Garry Pausen has book's for teens,audes,kid's,and more. In all of his books are very well desired to the reader and make them on the edge of there seat. Some of his books are funny,sad,gory,and hart felt.

Garry Paulsen Style Comparison

BOOK 1Brian's Return BOOK 2 Wood's Rnner

My focus for this comparisonis is to comer wood's runner and

brian's return

How are they like they both are out doors. both main chericer are 13-14 years old

How are they different. wood's runner take's place in 1776-1777.Brian's return is more modern.


Brian came back form the wood's and want's to go back into the wood's and meets a man name Caleb he is a consler then Brian goes back into the wood's.
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