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What is zoology and what do zoologists do?

Zoology is the study of all animal life. It is in the career cluster of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It includes studying the origins, behaviors, diseases, and genetic makeup of animals. Zoology is a very broad field so the topics you can study are nearly endless. One zoologist could be studying the effect of pollution on a fish's underwater habitat while another is observing a group of endangered wolves and yet another is looking at a tiny insect under a microscope. Because of all these options, some zoologists choose to specialize in a certain area. For example, a zoologist could specialize in mammology(the study of mammals), ornithology(the study of birds), ichthyology(the study of fish), herpetology(the study of reptiles), and entomology(the study of bugs).

What type of education is needed to be a zoologist?

The amount of education needed to become a biologist varies depending on what position you want to have. First of all, you should take plenty of science and math courses in high school including biology, chemistry, and physics. You should also be good at writing and probably using the computer as well.

The jobs you can get after college depend on what degree you earn. With a bachelors degree in biology or zoology(about 4 years)J, you might be able to get a job as a field or lab technician.However, most people choose to get a graduate degree. With a master's degree in biology or zoology(2 more years), you can get a research position in government or industry, or you can be a research assistant to an academic zoologist. With a PhD(another 4 years), you can become a research zoologist at a college.

There are programs in biology at colleges all over but programs specifically in zoology are less common. There are zoology programs available in some places but you can get the same jobs with degrees in biology. The cost of the education needed to become a zoologist will depend on what degree you want earn and where you want to earn those degrees.

How much money do zoologists earn?

The salary for zoologists usually ranges from $36,000-$94,000 a year, depending on your degree and level of experience. Those with a bachelor's degree earn the least, then those with a master's degree earn quite a bit more and with a PhD, as a curator of a zoo or in a research position at a college, you can earn up to $145,000 a year. However, very few of these jobs are available and they take many years of experience to qualify for.

What Are The Working Conditions Like?

Zoology research is done either in a lab or in the habitat of the animal being studied. Depending on their job, a zoologist might need to spend several weeks or possibly months conducting research outside. This means irregular work hours and studying animals all day. Zoologists sometimes travel to remote locations to do research, which could involve sleeping in tents and making meals over a campfire. Some other challenges of being a zoologist are the possibility of animal hurting you, being away from home for long periods of time, and possibly catching some sort of disease when traveling to remote areas. However, you can help prevent some of these things by getting immunization for common diseases and by using proper equipment to stay safe while studying potentially dangerous animals.

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Other Information About Zoologists

1. Some personality traits that are helpful are the ability to work independently or as part of a team, good observation skills, good writing skills, and good time management.

2. The number of zoologists and wildlife biologists employed in New York in 2010 was 410. The prediction for 2020 is 420 people employed in these areas.

3. The intelligences needed to be a zoologist are Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, and Bodily-Kinesthetic.

Why I want to be a zoologist

I might want to be a zoologist because I am interested in science and I like animals. When I did the career quizzes on Career Cruiser, zoologist was at the top of my list. Also, my learning style is 45% visual,40% tactile, and 15% auditory.


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