December Quest Update

Welcome to the first edition of the Quest Smore!

I am trying something new to keep Quest families informed about what we are doing in the classroom! I take so many photos of the students in action and then never share them with you, so I am hoping this new format gives you a peek into what's happening. Please know that this is completely private and the photos will not be shared with anyone outside of WHPS. Feel free to let me know what you think!
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All About Topic Shopping

Topic shopping is underway! Students spent some time this month in the LMC refreshing their database and Destiny skills. Most students have selected their general topics of interest for their Type III projects and should be bringing home a book or two related to their topics. Other students may have a magazine article already cited in their NoodleTools accounts. For those students who are still undecided, no worries! We will be fine tuning topics and narrowing ideas early in the New Year! Who knows? An event or discussion over break may just lead to a great Type III project for someone!

Night at the Museum - Quest Style

Eighth grade students thoroughly enjoyed their investigation of historical legacies, ending in a live portrayal of their legacies. Students engaged in conversations with Genghas Khan, Agatha Christie, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Hans Christian Andersen, and Nikola Tesla.
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Talent Development: Building with Wiki Stix

Creativity is alive and well in Quest! Students enjoyed experimenting with wiki stix during a recent Talent Development Wednesday. Based on the research of Dr. Susan Baum, Paul Torrance, and others, students are exploring the four elements of creativity. These include fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. Students are working on expanding their talent centers by continuing to highlight their strengths, yet also developing areas that might not be their favorites. The four areas on which we are working are writing, drawing, building and performing.

Creative thinking in progress!

The Annual Quest Scavenger Hunt

With the cooperation of some terrific KP colleagues, students enjoyed wandering around the building, purposefully, of course, to find items they would need to design and create snowmen and other "Questy" creatures!

Want to give it a try? Let's see how you would do!

  • What was the tallest snowman ever built? (Hint: The eyelashes were made out of skis!)
  • How many rings in the Enrichment model?
  • Which location received the largest one day snowfall in 2015?
  • What was the biggest gingerbread house ever made?
  • What are the three highest levels of Bloom's Taxonomy?
  • What are three main ingredients in chocolate chip cookies?
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Eighth grade students were inspired by some of the "This I Believe"essays that we read as part of our Legacy theme this fall and decided to write a group "This We Believe" essay, reminiscing and highlighting their Quest experiences over the three years. Enjoy!

This We Believe

We believe in Quest and the power of OUR three rings; community, creativity and laughter.

Imagine, a group of disconnected, somewhat awkward 6th graders sitting around a table waiting for instructions from a random teacher. Some are ambitious, yet others want to fade into the background. Flash forward one year to 7th grade. We know people and that random teacher from earlier. The class is a bit louder, more comfortable, and there is a cohesiveness that has grown from the seeds of 6th grade. Friendships have formed. Now, it is 8th grade. We are louder, more comfortable with each other’s unique qualities, and appreciative of the group. That random teacher from 6th grade now has a name and understands us as individuals, and as a group. We are a community.

What happens when you combine index cards, pencils, and a group of Quest students? Telestrations, Quest-style! Although the artistic skill is low, the passion of the arts still rings true! Well, Nina’s turkey may have looked like a baseball mitt, and Beau’s lemon may have looked like a floating head, but isn’t that what Quest is all about? And we can’t forget about our majestic sweet potato represented by the sound of a harp. We are creative.

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef. Why don’t you take a test in the jungle? Because there are so may cheetahs. It started with a pun, and turned into a pun-pocalypse. What do snowmen call their children? Want to hear a cat joke? We laugh often.

You know what they say. If you like it, put a ring on it. Well, we like Quest so much that we put three on it. OUR three rings of giftedness.

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Hoping everyone enjoys the winter break. Be sure to ask your students to share some of the activities we have been doing in class around the dinner table over the holidays. I highly recommend Hidden Word in a Story, What To Do with a Paperclip, and Telestrations. Sure to inspire, and promote laughter and old-fashioned family fun!