Greenfield Elementary School

October Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

We just had a great trip to the Greenfield Firehouse. The firefighters always do a fantastic job providing fire/ injury prevention education for our students. Be sure to thank a firefighter when you see one!

October is traditionally our "safety month" at school. We kick off the month with our trip to the fire house and then we practice a variety of drills at school.

Fire Drill: This drill is activated by the fire alarm system. Students and staff exit the building to designated areas. We complete 12 fire drills throughout the year.

Lockdown Drill: This year we held one of our lockdown drills in September and we will practice another whole school drill later this school year. This drill allows us to respond to a visitor (an intruder) who has not signed in with the attendance office.

Shelter in Place Drill: This drill is used to shelter students and staff inside the building usually for weather related emergencies. Drill date- October 23rd

Evacuation: This drill is used to evacuate students and staff from the building. Our primary evacuation site is St. Joseph's Church parking lot. Our secondary evacuation site is Maple Avenue School. Drill date- October 23rd

All of our drills (with the exception of fire drills) are practiced in conjunction with emergency responders. This allows our staff and the emergency responders to gain experience working together in a safe and comfortable environment.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding our safety drills this month.

Annual Trip to the Greenfield Firehouse

Curriculum Corner

English Language Arts (ELA)

Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: An informational video for families.

At Greenfield School we commit to at least 90 minutes of literacy instruction daily. On most days even more time is dedicated to literacy. The classroom teachers provide the core instruction to students. During our Extended Learning Time (ELT), classroom teachers and/or reading teachers provide additional instruction in this area. It is our goal to provide students with targeted instruction.

Our results on the 2014-2015 NYS Assessments can be found here.

More detailed information about our programming can be found here.

Special Area Teachers

Check out news from our Special Area Teachers.

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Parent Corner

Parent Resources

Our Home School Connection for October provides families with ideas for building a homework plan and collaboration skills.

Looking for good advice on sleep hygiene for children. This article has some great tips.