November Blues

Sharon M. Draper

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Book Review by Nijah McClintock

In this book, a boy named Josh has lost his life by making a bad choice. He leaves behind a life he never knew about, but now its to late. His girlfriend November was at school one day and didn't feel well so she went to the bathroom. As November goes to the bathroom she notice someone following her. When she realized it was a girl name Oliva , she was surprised. Oliva was never noticed in school, because she wasn't popular. When she checked on November she asked her was she pregnant but November said no. November really was sure if she was pregnant, but then she remembered that it could be possible. So, when November got home she took a pregnancy test and the results were positive.

Now, November is 7 months pregnant and just left her best friend football game . On the way back from the game November gets a pain. Her, Oliva and Dana are all in the car whilw Jerhico is on the bus with the football players. They call EMS and pull over with buses. They have to airlift November to the hospital to save the baby.After November had Sunshine, she had to stay in NCIU because she was premature. But now, the question is will November let the Prescotts get her baby but you'll have to find that out.

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