Road to Perseverance

Jack Beck May 2016

My personal definition of perseverance

Perseverance is to never give up and keep going no matter how hard something or against the odds it is.

Eleanor Roosevelt description

Eleanor faced many adversities in her lifetime. One of them being her mother didn't love her. She didn't love her because she was not a boy, and because she was ugly. Her mother was very beautiful so she wanted a beautiful child. This led Eleanor to be sad, depressed and afraid of many things like the dark or being alone. She also developed insecurities because she was called a ugly duckling or even worse, Granny, by her mom. The one thing that gave her happiness, her dad, left when she was 6 because he had to go to a sanctuary because of his alcoholism. Later on, both of her parents died, followed by her brother. This forced to go and live with her grandma. This was bad for her because her grandma couldn't dress her properly, which led to her being teased. Her Grandma eventually sent her to the boarding school that her mom planned to take her to in London. This boarding school was good thing for her because she found happiness there because people liked her here. After this she ended up marrying Franklin Roosevelt. At one point in their relationship they had a rough patch and FDR had an affair. They ended up moving past this. FDR then got polio and she had to take care of him.

Preparing To Win and Sandy Road compare and contrast

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Nadja with her violin

Nadja Salerno-sonnenberg Chronological sequence

Nadja had was a very good violinist as a child. Once she got into Julliard, she had a lot of problems with confidence and self esteem. She got very overwhelmed. She had to take a number of steps to achieve triumph and overcome her issues. The first thing she did was to stop doubting herself. She doubted herself so much at one point she stopped playing the violin for 6 months. The next thing that helped her fix her problems is that Mrs. Delay threatened to kick her out of Julliard if she didn't start playing the violin again. After this decided to start being healthy again. She used to be unhealthy because all she could afford is sausages and unhealthy food. Next, she completely stopped leaving her apartment unless it was to go to violin practice. The next thing she had to overcome was her apartment burning down which almost made her unable to know if she made the finals for her competition. The last thing she had to overcome was her moped blowing up. This made the landlord so fed up with her to the point that she got evicted from her apartment. She went on to win the competition and 3,000 dollars.

Caine's arcade problem and solution

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Jackie Robinson Cause and Effect

The time period that Jackie Robinson was born in caused him many problems. This was back in the times where people were racist to black people. This didn't allow him to do many things. They had to be separated from the whites. They also had worse stuff. Their stuff was either not in working order or just gross and bad. This also meant it was harder to play in the MlB. Since, he could't play risk free, someone had to take the risk. Ricky said that they're going to hire him. That was the first effect of these times. Something else that happened because of this time period is that he got abuse when he started playing baseball with the white people. This made him very discouraged and it made it hard for him to go on with his career. Jackie did have a lot of ambition, so he didn't stop trying. He just used that has motive to keep on going with his career. His combative nature didn't make it easy for him to turn the other cheek when someone did something to him. Something else that happened to him was that he was being abused or insulted in games. The great thing that happened to him because of this is that he set many records. This leads to my next reason, because of the records, people became okay with him playing.

Jackie Robinson on the field

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Lessons Learned

What one can learn from the perseverance of these people is if one keeps on trying to do something, they will succeed. If one gives up, then they will never prosper or get the reward from not giving up. Someone who never gives up and keeps trying might be able to succeed. If someone gives up, then they 100% cant do it. Giving up will never help anyone. One can also learn that it can always get worse, so don't think that they are down for the count.