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Hello, I am going to get ready to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. Do you want to come?

First, I looked up the weather in the Grand Canyon National Park on The best day to go to the park is on May 3 because the weather will be around 69 degrees, sunny, with about 34% humidity.

And next I planned the hike. I personally chose the Plateau Point Trail which is a 2.8 mile round trip hiking adventure, according to Google Maps.

Now we need to find a couple of things to bring on the hike. First we would need to bring a backpack, some water, and snacks.


Now we need to know our transportation. First, we have to get to Flagstaff, Arizona. So I have reserved a round trip to and from Flagstaff. (Shown below)
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From the airport we would rent this car (shown below) from Alamo Rent A Car.
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Then we go have fun at an awesome hike!
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As you can see above the cost of my trip would be $723.58. And While I was there I bought this nifty shirt.
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Corbin Winward and Nicholas Winward

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