Google Places

Google Places and Local Places Citations – Master Marks For The Marketing Minded

When examining the face of modern business, few companies have achieved the level of dominance in their respective industry that Google has. Starting out simply as a search engine, the company has now has email, mapping, cable, and a huge number of other services; the company also recently began expanding into the hardware division with the release of the Chromebook. One of the reasons Google has been able to achieve this level of dominance is through its high advanced system of website crawling. In order to tap into the gargantuan market that uses Google to find businesses, proper SEO techniques must be used. However, that is not enough to rank extremely high in search results; Google must also see that the business is using the correct Google Places citation. Not sure what that is? Luckily, the fine men and women at Citation Pros are here to help.

Local Places citations are the method through which Google verifies that a business’s current name, address, and other contact details are correctly updated. At Citation Pros,businesses are able to hire workers to post specific, correct listings. These listings are proven to increase revenue and bring websites more visitors from Google. They also make the business look more legit in the eyes of Google, which is a good thing for any business trying to take advantage of the online market. Citation Pros has done Google Places citations for a number of big name clients, including Home Depot and Nationwide Insurance. Clearly, companies as business savvy as these would not rely on Citation Pros to make their local places citations if the method did not have a noticeable increase on the online revenue of their respective cites. Citation Pros does a fantastic job in creating the proper Google Places citations, which is quickly becoming one of the best ways to attract customers.