The Gilded age

Maxwell Olson

Andrew carnage was born on November 25 1835 in Fife, Scotland UK.

At age 13 Carnage moved to America and got his first job that payed $1.20 a week.Later he got involved in the railroads. By 1889 Andrew owned the biggest steel company in the world. In 1901 he sold his business. Carniegie was quoted as saying, "People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity no matter how impressive their other talents are."

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He invented the telegraph, the phonograph, the electric lightbulb, and the kinetograph which was used for making motion pictures. He was the youngest of six siblings. As a young child he came down with scarlett fever which left him with hearing difficulties for the rest if his life. He died on October 18, 1931 in West Orange, New Jersey. Edison was noted for saying, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." I think this is still true today.


Hay Market Strike

Spring of 1886 harvesters went on strike at McCormick Harvesting Machinery Company in Chicago, Ill. The workers went on strike because they wanted a 40 hour work week instead of a 60 hour work week. The strike was quickly broken up by police officers. On May 3rd, 1886, there was a protest outside the plant which killed one person. On May 4th, 1500 people went to a peaceful meeting. It stayed peaceful until the police arrived. Fights broke out and a bomb was thrown. 7 police officers died, 4 civilians were killed and over 100 were wounded after only 2 minutes of the police firing their weapons.


The railroad's effect on Native Americans

The railroad was a quick and efficient way for white people to travel across the country. However the railroad was not such a welcome guest to the bison and the Native Americans. By standing on the railroad tracks, bison could easily damage or delay the train for days. Due to this problem, the white people shot every bison they could find. Unfortunately, bison was the main food source for the Native Americans. The land once lived on by the Native Americans was much needed for the growth of the American railroads and economy. So the white people forced Native Americans onto reservations and massacred both bison and Native Americans.

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