Are You a Wanderlust??

How Do you want spend your Vacation ??

Oh my God,look at that face You look like our next exchange!!

Since you have holiday more than month Why not we make it a point to empty at least half the bucket list..??

We could show you incredible things, Magic, madness, heaven, sin... Grab your passport and fill this form ;) We can make your vacation so good...

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Why Don't You Go For an Internship and Change Your Life

Step up from your Comfort Zone... Explore the World... Make your stay in universe Valuble for You and Others who need you..

Insaf Ismath went to Malaysia few months ago through the iFly program. He had a life changing experience for six weeks in Universitiy Kebangsaan Malaysia. Will you be staying home in your vacation or Want to fly and explore the world? Just send your name, mobile no and email... Will give you wings wink emoticon Trust me you will thank me later :)
My AIESEC exchange Malaysia (UKM) 2015 #IFly #AIESECcs Insaf Ismath
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