By: Maria A.


  • Founded by Jesus Crist
  • 1st century Jerusalem, Jeudea, Roman Empire
  • More that 1.25 billion followers worldwide
  • current leader Pope Francis as Bishop of Rome

Religion Belifs

7 sacraments

  1. Baptism: 1st step to a longlife journey & embrace of God
  2. Eucharist: receive Christ's Body and Blood
  3. Reconciliation: 3 elements; conversion, confession and celebration
  4. Confirmation: mature Christian commitment and deepeningof baptismal gifts. 1 of the 3 Sacramnts of initiationfor Catholics
  5. Marrige: Sacrament of Marrige or Holy Matrimony
  6. Holy Orders: priest begin ordering vows to lead other Catholics by briging them to the sacraments
  7. Anointing of the Sick: (Last Rites or Extreme Unction) ritual healing not only physical but also mental and spiritual sickness

venerates Mary as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven

Holidays/ Traditions

Source Citations


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