IB Primary Years Programme Update

Wade King PYP Newsletter - September 2019

Wade King Students Demonstrate the Learner Profile Attributes!

One of the things that makes our school special is that we are an International Baccalaureate school running the Primary Years Programme. As an IB PYP school, all members of our learning community are regularly looking for ways to develop the IB Learner Profile attributes in ourselves. The IB Learner Profile attributes are ten different characteristics that we want to embody as well-rounded, responsible citizens of the world. Knowing what these characteristics are, and focusing on our growth in these areas, helps all of us grow and develop as life-long learners.


At Wade King, we nurture curiosity in ourselves by intentionally cultivating our wonderings about the world. Everyone in our school practices regular questioning, and we all work to develop research skills for answering our questions. Sometimes our questioning is focused on our unit of inquiry, sometimes we wonder about other topics of whole-class study, and other times we practice free inquiry about the world around us. As inquirers, we will be learning throughout our lives, and the process of our questioning supports a life-long enthusiasm for learning.


At Wade King, we practice communicating with others confidently, in many ways and in different languages. We learn about the Mandarin Chinese language in an effort to deepen our ability to communicate with others and better understand the nature of communication. Learning and practicing multiple skills for communication allows us to collaborate with others, gain new perspectives, and express ourselves creatively.


At Wade King, we practice being principled by acting with integrity and honesty. This means that we strive to do what we believe is the right thing, even when no one is watching. Each of us has a role and responsibilities at our school, and being principled means that we take those responsibilities seriously. Everyone at our school works hard to practice being principled wherever they are in our building, and wherever they are in our world.


Reflection is an essential part of personalized learning. Here at Wade King we practice regular reflection, thinking about where we are, where we have been, and where we are going in our learning journey. This reflection applies to our ideas and thinking as they develop, as well as our own strengths and weaknesses. As reflective individuals, we are constantly setting goals for ourselves, then checking in on our progress in achieving them.


At Wade King we strive to be open-minded in our learning about ourselves and the world. Being open-minded means we consider various viewpoints, and look at issues from personal, local, and global points of view. We reflect on our own ideas, cultures, and values, and we also learn about the cultures and traditions of others around the world. Learning about ourselves and others helps us build empathy and consider other perspectives in terms of problem-solving.

We are CARING!

Wade King students are exceptionally caring. Focusing on the IB Learner Profile attribute of caring means that we also always strive to grow in our compassion and respect for others. Everyone in our community cares for each other, and we cultivate that caring by practicing kindness, considering others' points of view, and considering how we can make a positive impact on others. We believe that our acts of caring make a difference in the world by improving the lives of others in the world, both locally and globally.


Here at Wade King we are always striving to be deep thinkers, utilizing our analytical skills to reason and solve problems. Being critical thinkers means that we gather information, consider all of the factors, and synthesize information. Our thinking is both creative and analytical, and this supports us in making informed decisions. We apply this thinking to our academic work, and also to our social-emotional growth.


Building knowledge is a huge part of being a student, and at Wade King we are constantly building our knowledge across the disciplines. We research topics, and work to build our understanding of new ideas and concepts. Being knowledgeable means that we are not just memorizing facts, but that we are able to engage with meaningful issues, develop ideas, and defend our thinking.

We are courageous RISK-TAKERS!

The IB Learner Profile attribute of risk-taker is about being courageous and taking risks in our learning. As a community of learners who believe that we must challenge ourselves to make growth, we frequently push ourselves to try things that lead us out of our comfort zone. This may include leading or presenting in front of others, trying a new skill, or even just thinking about things in a new and different way.


As an IB PYP community, we believe that maintaining balance in our lives is an important aspect of our overall well-being. This means that we strive to find balance in all we do by intentionally developing our physical, emotional, and academic growth. At Wade King we practice mindfulness strategies, eat healthy meals, and give ourselves breaks as we need them. We know that finding balance is a crucial part of developing ourselves as healthy, enthusiastic learners.

Our Wade King Program of Inquiry

As part of our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, each grade level engages in several units of inquiry during the school year. You can see our entire Program of Inquiry on our Wade King web site. It is also displayed in our entry way and in our school library.
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