Salem High School's Literary Magazine

What is Maelstrom?

A maelstrom is a powerful whirlpool, or a large, swirling body of water. It has been said to suck in entire ships into it's free vortex. Likewise, this magazine will draw you into its beauty, power, and its complex simplicity.

Our Mission

We want to bring forward the talent in our community. There are so many young artists in our area that deserve some credit for their beautiful work. Our magazine shows the beauty that comes from our friends and family.

What kind of work do we take?

Maelstrom takes all forms of art. Whether it be lyrics, drawings, sculptures, poetry,

or a super short story, we'll accept it. Even dancers and photographers have good opportunities of being featured in the magazine. All you need is a picture of your work! Then submit it to the team, and we'll go through all the work we receive.

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Any work you'd like to turn in can be submitted to Mr. Obispo in room 232! May your muse follow you always.

Happy creating,

the Maelstrom Team