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~ Hawley School Newsletter: January 12, 2020 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians, Staff and Teachers,

Happy New Year!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful and restful Winter Recess spent making memories with family and friends. As we return for the second half of the year, we will begin with our midyear assessments. This information helps us see how students are progressing toward end of the year standards and to develop instruction, enrichment and interventions moving forward.

Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and stay seated as you read on to find out What's Happening at Hawley .......

Attendance Letters

This time of year, parents start receiving letters from school regarding their child's attendance. These letters cause parents concern so I routinely take a moment and explain them.

State Guidelines outline how attendance in public schools is done and has procedures that we must follow. Basically, the first 9 absences are automatically labeled as excused at parent discretion. We must notify you when absences reach 6 and then again at 9.

After 9 absences, the only change is that documentation is needed for an absence to be labeled excused otherwise it is marked unexcused. If there are 4 unexcused absences in a month or 10 within the year, the school can consider that student truant and investigate or refer to the truancy board.

I tell parents this: We do not want students in school if they are sick. I understand and support periodic, unavoidable travel for family reasons.

If I have a concern regarding your child's attendance, I will CALL You! We will have a conversation to determine if there is an issue or if any assistance is required. Otherwise, the letters are merely notification per State Guideline.

You can Click Here for a copy of the State Guidelines. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

~ Safe School Climate Committee ~

This month at Hawley School, our SEL focus is SELF-MANAGEMENT. Self-management is the ability to successfully regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations — effectively managing stress, controlling impulses, and motivating oneself. It is the ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals. Self-management includes:

  • Impulse control

  • Stress management

  • Self-discipline

  • Self-motivation

  • Goal-setting

  • Organizational skills

To foster students’ self-management at school, we will make weekly announcements regarding the focus, as well as plan simple activities and discussions throughout the month. Learn more about Self-Management with this video: https://safeYouTube.net/w/FILy

The links below have some great tips for fostering Self-Management at home:

If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Connors, Lead Teacher, or Kim Shapiro, School Counselor.

Specials Newsletters

Students love specials. They get to explore books and do research, run and play, sing and play instruments as well as paint and draw.

Click Here to read about What's Happening in Specials!!

Mrs. Fanelli's Writing Gallery

Students in Mrs. Fanelli's second grade class shared their learning on a variety of topics including spiders, sharks and volcanoes.

Mindfulness with Mrs. Shapiro & Mrs. Rickert

Students are enjoying our new Mindfulness Room. They go to relax and focus on themselves while enjoying many activities such as reading, painting and puzzles.

~ Curtain Call ~

Last year, our PTA kindly donated $10,000 for us to get a new stage curtain. The old one was difficult to open as well as faded, stained and torn.

We spend a lot of time looking at it during our many assemblies, concerts, Celebrations of Learning, Open Houses and more.

The new one was installed over Winter Break and looks amazing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your support and generosity.

Big picture
Big picture

Looking for Some Help.....

As I just mentioned, we have many presentations at Hawley. Open House, Veteran's Day, Celebrations of Learning, Kindness Assembly, Concerts, just to name a few.

Along with the PTA, we have planned for a complete overhaul of our audio/visual presentation system. Phase 1 was a new stage curtain (completed, Thank You).

Phase 2 includes a new sound system: speakers, microphones (wired and wireless), a mixer, Bluetooth or iphone compatible, possible projector and/or screen. The PTA has already voted to fund raise and support this endeavor.

We would like to form a Committee to help with research, design, and product selection. We are looking for anyone that may have an interest and/or expertise and/or connections in this area. We really want to get the most for our money while maximizing quality and durability.

Commitment is minimal. There would be a few meetings, with perhaps some research and legwork. If you would like to be part of this work, please email me (morettic@newtown.k12.ct.us) and the PTA President, Jen Padilla (thejpadillas@gmail.com). Thank You-


  • Smile, laugh, and have fun!

Dates to Remember

  • Fri, 1/17: 2 HR Delayed Opening (11:05 AM) for Professional Development
  • Mon, 1/20: NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Day
  • Thurs, 1/23: PTA Meeting: 7:00 PM, Hawley Library (Budget Talk w/Dr. Rodrigue)

Out of the Mouths of Babes.....

After buses left, Mr. M was jogging the stairs & hallways (as he does).

He passed some students in the after school care program.

"Mr. M just ran by, he's breaking his own rule " said a student
Another student replied, "He's allowed to do that "
"He is? " questioned the first student

"Yes, the Principal's job is to run the school."

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