The Fault In Our Stars

By: John Green


The story is told by a sixteen year old cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel's parent force her to go to a support group, she is very hesitant to go at first, but in the end she realizes in the end was good because she meets seventeen year old Augustus waters. Not only is he a sweet,caring guy, and also the love of her life he is also a former cancer patient. Throughout the novel Hazel Grace learns you need to live everyday to the fullest and have no regrets. The book The Fault In Our Stars is a great book and very enjoyable to read. In the mix of this, Hazel has a favorite book An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houton, after reading this book till she knows the book cover to cover she introduces it to Augustus. They both end up loving the book. The story ends up to be a romantic novel that has adventures to read about and love that you want to feel.


In the book The Fault In Our Stars the setting is in more than one place. One of the many places, is Amsterdam. Hazel and Augustus had gone to Amsterdam to visit their favorite author of their favorite book.
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Book Reviews

"The Fault in Our Stars,is undoubtedly true, and it is also true that the movie, like the book before it, is an expertly built machine for the mass production of tears. "

"This heart-wrenchingly beautiful novel about a teenage girl and boy who meet at a cancer support center has already won emotional accolades from readers and reviewers."


I recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a great book. Not only is the book a book you never want to put down but it also pulls you in and makes you feel like your friends with the characters. Also The Fault In Our Stars is an amazing book because it makes you feel differently about of things going on in life that you dont even realize is going on. If you want to read a book that makes you feel like its a true story The Fault In Our Stars is the perfect book for that. So make the next book you read The Fault In Our Stars, you wont recret it.
Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Lyric Video)


I made a connection with music for Hazel Grace. The song I picked was Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I had made this connection because right when I heard this song I thought it was about cancer and fighting through it and that perfectly explains Hazel story. This song is very inspirational and very teaching about how to never give up.