Severe Weather

By: Trey Evans


What is a hurricane

A large storm that forms over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular motion around the center or eye of the storm.

Wow Facts

Hurricanes can be 100 miles long and wide! The deadliest hurricane ever happened in Texas in 1900. 8,000 people died.

Safty Tips

Board up windows in your house,stay away from windows,and move further inland if you are on the coast.


What is a tornado

A tornado is a small funnel shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud.

Wow facts

Winds can be stronger than hurricane winds!

Safty Tips

Find a safe place away from windows ,if you can not find shelter lie flat in a ditch.

Thunder storms

what is a thunder storm

A severe storm with lightning,thunder,heavy rain,strong wind,and possible hail.

Wow Fact

The air around lightning can be 10 times hotter than the sun!

Safty Tips

Stay inside if possible,stay out of water,and do not stand under trees.