Sodus Jr/Sr High School Library

Mid Year Report 2015-16

How many students visited the library? What did they do?

10,350. That is an average of 115 per day!

Students came to research, work, read, study, and sometimes just to relax in a safe and welcoming environment

How many materials were used?

1,211. That is an average of 14 items per day students loaned, renewed, placed holds, and reserved books. This doesn't include our robust exchange of inter library loans made each week!

What about the technology?

  • 570+ classes have used the computer center- avg is 6.34 periods per day!
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own devices and use them to work, read, listen to tunes, and sometimes selfies
  • We now have 10 iPADS loaded with some of ALA's Best Teaching and Learning Apps 2015 . iPADS are available to loan out on a daily basis to teachers to use with students
  • We have 30 Playaways
  • Over 275 ebooks with Follett Shelf and even more interactive ebooks through Rosen's digital ebooks

What else has been going on in the library?

  • 7th graders had a couple classes of Library Orientation the second and third week of school
  • Students come in regularly to make up exams in (but not limited to): Gov't, Chemistry, Math, Business, Algebra, Spanish, American History, Accounting, and more! I also proctored college math exams for a student in an online class of Steve Kilner, Monroe Community College
  • We held a Fall Book Fair during the school day and again during Parent Teacher conferences. I also had grade levels 7-9 spend time with me to learn about the upcoming fair and learn about the materials offered in the book fair- book trailers, ideas, discussion,etc
  • Rochester Area Colleges Fair hosted by Guidance held throughout the library for a day
  • Adult Digital Literacy Classes held in computer center weekly in evenings with Mary Heidenreich
  • We've had 2 student volunteers who were trained and worked (but since have moved)
  • Small groups of students use the reference section regularly to work with teachers and sometimes use the computer carrolls if the computer center is busy
  • My focus has been to promote use of the library databases including but not limited to: Career Cruising, Opposing Viewpoints, Easybib, and GALE products. I also conducted PD's for staff in Turn it and Google 101 during Teachr Conference Days
  • New books are added to the collection regularly through scrupulous reviews in School Library Journal, Follett School Solutions, Junior Library Guild,and by teacher requests, to support curriculum and choose award worthy materials.
  • Book displays are regularly rotated to spotlight new books, genres, themes: books to movies, just arrived,winter break reading, and more!

The Library Program

"Oh the Places We Could Go"-

Some ideas of activities that could be accomplished with an addition of a library assistant:

Leadership Creating an environment where collaboration and creative problem solving thrive:

  • Collaboratively working to update polices and share with the learning community
  • Encouraging the use of instructional technology to engage students and improve learning.
Instructional Partner An equal partner in instructional process-Work with teachers and other educators to build and strengthen connections between student information and research needs:
  • Participating in more implementation of collaboratively planned learning experiences by proving group/individual instruction, assessing student progress, and evaluating activities
  • Joining with teachers to plan and implement meaningful experiences to promote love of reading and lifelong learning
Information Specialist Ensuring equitable access and responsible use of information:
  • Networking with other librarians, libraries, and agencies to provide access to resources outside the school
  • Organize the collection for maximum and effective use (reference section, sciences)
  • Evaluating and promoting and using existing technologies to support teaching and learning- connect school to with global learning community, communicate with teachers and students
Teacher Empower students to be skillful researchers and enthusiastic readers:
  • Support students success in reading for pleasure by exposing them to diversity of viewpoints, genres, pleasure
Program Administrator Work collaboratively with members of learning community to define policies of the school library program, and to guide and direct all activities related to it.
  • Planning for the continuous improvement of the program
Source: American Library Association Learning 4 Life.