Saguaro National Park

Home of the saguaro cactus


The Saguaro National Park is a home to the Saguaro Cactus that is 5 stories high and can absorb 200 gallons of water and is 16,000 pounds! Saguaro National Park is located in Arizona near Tucson.



Some of the animals in Saguaro National Park are poisonous and can trick you but they will not bother you unless you bother them.The Gila monster lives in the Saguaro. It is one out of many poisonous animals and here is the other animals that live here like the gila woodpecker that drinks nectar, doves, king birds, elf owls, kestrels, prairie dogs, and bats.


The plants that are important to the park are 50 kinds of cacti, wildflowers, bushes, and trees.

The Dangers of the park

Some of the dangers of the park are wild fires and heat and also lightning.

Fees and Reservations

The Saguaro National Park vehicle permit is $10 (u.s dollars)
5 (US) dollars per person

fee free days

Veterans Day weekend

National Public Lands day

National Park Service birthday

Martin Luther King JR .day

National Park Week