Cars in America

Luke Maddox

The 1950's

Cars were very dangerous in this time period. They were very powerful but the crumple technology had not yet been invented. This means that if the car hits an object in absorbs no impact. The first sports car was invented in 1952.

The 1960's

In the sixties, womens opinions were actually thought about when making cars. Women represented over 1 million sales a year. The sodium-sulfur battery was invented in 1966. It was 15 times lighter than the normal battery.

The 1980's

Cars began to filter in to three main categories in the 80's; coupe, suv, and sport. The technology was improving very quickly and cars were becoming safer and more accessible to everyone.


Cars are constantly becoming safer and more fuel efficient every day. We are always thinking of new ways to be better for people and the environment. The technology in cars has made great leaps with GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, and running on electricity. The outlook for the future of automobiles is bright.