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Islam was first created by a guy name Muhammad he was orphaned, and his uncle raised him. Muhammad tended sheep on the dry hills like many young Arabians. Later, he became a successful merchant and married a wealthy widow he felt that something was missing in his life and went on a retreat. He knew about Judaism and Christianity, and he wanted to find a deeper meaning for his life. he didn't like some of the rules so he wanted to change them he didn't know his prayer will lead him to a new religion.

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when muhammad pray in the cave a angel came and gave him directions he wanted him to read in the name of allah. The messages from the angel over the 22 years became the koran . Koran is the holy book of islam. the angel to him to preach about Allah he preach 3 years after his vision. when Muhammad die he had united many people in the Arabian Peninsula. when muhammad die he met Archangel Gabriel again at the end of his life. The angel led the Prophet to a mysterious animal called the burag. This animal had a human face, angel wings, and a horse's body. Muhammad ascended to heaven on its back. Muslims call this event the Night Journey. Muslims all over the world celebrate this event.

Muslims are people who follow the religion of islam. They only believe on one god which is Allah . Muslims believe in the five pillars or the Arkan-ul-Islam whatever you want to call it either two. A Muslims is someone who surrenders to god. all Muslims like to go to a place call mecca muhammad birthplace. Muslims are believe manners are important. Muslims also like to have celebrations some honor the five pillars