Tea Act

By: Elicia, Aleah, Taneisha

April 27,1773

What is the Tea Act?

A bill passed by the British Parliament it was designed to save the East Indian company from bankruptcy by creating greatly lowering the tea tax that was paid to the British government. which gave the British complete control over British colonies.

Background Information

*Save the faltering East India company from bankruptcy by greatly lowering tea tax

*American colonists refused to buy the commodity which resulted in financial difficulties for Eat India company.

*Lord North's ministry had passed the Regulating Act for India to control the activities of the company.

How did the patriots and Loyalist respond?

*The Patriots went on 3 ships and destroyed over 92,000 pounds for tea in response to taxes going up.

*The loyalist weren't so happy because they were loyal to the king and wanted the tea but could not get it because the Patriots had dumped it to the sea.

How did it worse the relationship between Great Britain and the colonists?

After the colonials who dumped the tea shipments into the Boston Harbor, the British government responded by closing the Boston Harbor and repealing the Massachusetts Colonial charter.

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